Branding options

Get branded Nextcloud clients

In order to provide a seamless enterprise user experience, Nextcloud GmbH offers branded clients to their customers. As part of this we support deployment technologies like MSI for desktops and MDM for mobile platforms.

Logo, color and links

Easy, integrated theming

Our built in theming app provides a fast and intuitive way to theme your Nextcloud server. You can conveniently configure logo, colors, name and important urls like the privacy policy and imprint. Out of the box, the Nextcloud mobile apps adapt to the color scheme of the Nextcloud server and also use its configured logo and background in the apps.

  • Logo, colors, login graphics and name
  • Add custom links for privacy policy, imprint and terms of service
  • Default / example files every user gets on first login can be modified
  • Mobile apps and web interface adjust to theme settings, except app icon on mobile)

Advanced enterprise branding

Nextcloud offers a client branding service as part of their Nextcloud Enterprise subscription (Standard and Premium) to Nextcloud Customers. Branded clients dramatically enhance your user corporate experience. They are pre-configured for the correct server so that the end user does not have to choose a Nextcloud server but can immediately proceed to enter their login credentials. They use the customers’ logo and name in the app drawer instead of the Nextcloud logo and name and more customization can be made. Nextcloud offers the apps as APK and xCode project for publishing through a customer developer account.

  • Pre-configured server address for faster setup
  • Removal of links to Nextcloud community, community hosting solutions and private servers
  • Custom logo and name in app drawer
  • Custom help page and contact email
  • Optional custom Push Proxy
  • Full control over release management and app store entry
  • Support for MDM solutions for mobile, MSI deployment for desktop (Premium only)


Deployment and control with MDM and MSI

Many larger organizations have tools to manage their deployments of desktop and mobile apps. For mobile apps, various tools provide so-called Mobile Device Management services. Nextcloud supports these as part of our Nextcloud Enterprise Premium Subscription.

Here is a complete overview of the Nextcloud branded client options.

Supported capabilities




Colors for application and fonts


Logo for login page and header

Custom App icon and name

Custom visual assets

Pre-configured URL of the Nextcloud server

Contact email address

URLs for privacy policy and help page for clients (mobile/desktop)

MDM functionalities

* Mobile only

Web user interface

Supported capabilities




Logo in the header bar, on the login page and the favicon

Color of header bar, checkboxes and folder icons

Name and slogan

Login page background image

Additional compliance links for web UI (Legal notice/Privacy policy link)

If your organization needs branded clients, contact us!

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