Security and authentication

Nextcloud is designed to protect user data through multiple layers of protection.

Verified Enterprise Class Security

Our customers care deeply about security and so do we. Nextcloud aligns with industry standards such as Clause 14 of ISO/IEC27001-2013 and related standards, guidance and security principles. Our solution is built around combined assurance layers consisting of rich security features, applied best practices governed by policy and the design itself validated by industry standard testing processes.



Nextcloud supports your existing storage solution, keeping data under control of trusted IT administrators and managed with established policies. Nextcloud works with industry standard SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB for user and metadata storage.


Nextcloud offers built in monitoring tools and integrates with existing MDM, DLP, event logging and backup tools, enabling existing tool chains to be used to monitor, backup and restore systems

IT Department in control

Nextcloud leverages existing data storage and database technologies so current security policies and governance processes can continue to be used to manage, control and secure operations with Nextcloud. Your IT department is fully in control.

Security case studies

NCC Group

NCC Group security review

Nextcloud understands the necessity to provide core security requirements. As such, Nextcloud 11 is built on these security principles to ultimately deliver a robust solution to their customers.

Kyos Logo

Nextcloud code audit by Swiss Kyos

The second largest city in Switzerland, Geneva, contracted Swiss IT Security firm Kyos to audit the Nextcloud code base they use.

Passive security measures

Besides active security measures like authentication and encryption, Nextcloud protects your data without any need for administrator action

Security hardening

Nextcloud employs a wide variety of extra security hardening capabilities, including:

Content Security Policy 3.0

CSP is a HTTP feature that allows the server to set specific restrictions on a resource when opened in a browser. Such as only allowing to load images or JavaScript from specific targets.

CSP 3.0 is the latest, most strict version of the standard, increasing the barrier for attackers to exploit a Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability.

Same-Site Cookies

Same-Site cookies are a security measure supported by modern browsers that prevent CSRF vulnerabilities and protect your privacy further. Nextcloud enforces the same-site cookies to be present on every request by enforcing this within the request middle ware.

We include the __Host prefix to the cookie (if supported by browser and server). This mitigates cookie injection vulnerabilities within potential third-party software sharing the same second level domain.

Password security enforcement

Password security is extremely important and Nextcloud follows the latest and most strict standards.

We go beyond these standards, checking passwords against the database of compromised accounts and passwords from well known security researcher Troy Hunt. This optional but highly recommended feature ensures users can not reuse a password which has been compromised on another website already. Read our blog to learn how this feature protects your users.

Hub 4 settings admin security

Active and passive protection

Nextcloud offers a series of advanced security features:

  • Server side, client side and in-transit encryption
  • Security hardenings like brute-force detection, CSP and SCC
  • Machine learning based suspicious login detection
  • Automated security checks and warnings

Protected sharing

For Nextcloud customers, securely exchanging data is key. Nextcloud offers industry standard protection mechanisms and adds innovative and unique capabilities like Video Verification.

Nextcloud Hub 4 admin sharing settings

Securing shared links

Nextcloud features industry-leading protection for file shares.

  • Share password
  • Expiration date
  • Access rights (Read/Write, re-sharing)
  • Hide Download (Secure View)
  • Hide file listing (File Drop)
  • File Access Control
  • Video Verification
  • Administrators can set defaults or enforce these options.

Video verification

In situations where extreme security is warranted and the identity of a recipient has to be verified with absolute certainty before they are granted access, Nextcloud includes the industry-first implementation of Video Verification.

Video Verification enforces a Nextcloud Talk video call before access is given to a share, making sure the identity of the recipient is properly checked. The call can be picked up through the Nextcloud Talk Mobile apps as well as the web interface.

Remote wipe

While Nextcloud supports Mobile Device Management solutions, thanks to built-in support, remote wipe will work on systems not under management of the company. This is useful for home users but also large universities and of course in a scenario where guest accounts were handed to a third party. If you permit downloading of documents by the third party, you can wipe the documents from their devices when the the collaboration has ended.

Remote wipe can be used on a per-device basis by users and on a per-user base by the administrator.

Virtual data room

In settings where a firewall is needed between departments or organizations without impeding smooth and efficient collaboration, a separate Virtual Data Room can be set up. Nextcloud offers a wide range of unique features for VDR use and its on-premises nature offers unparalleled confidentiality and control.

Virtual data room

Regain control

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