Monitoring your Nextcloud server

Keep an eye on what happens with your files and check the health of your server

Track file activity

The nextcloud Activity app gives users a clear view on what is happening with their files. It tracks file modifications, downloads of shares and changes to comments or tags, providing an overview in the browser or via email notifications and an RSS feed.

activity settings
activity overview
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Server Information

Nextcloud scales to millions of users and at that scale it is important to keep an eye on the health of a system. The Server Information app provides a way for admins to monitor the state and performance of a Nextcloud server installation. Besides the graphical UI, an API endpoint provided makes it possible for system administrators to import this data in their monitoring app so they can keep an eye on Nextcloud operations from the same place they monitor the rest of their infrastructure.

Monitoring and systems intelligence tools openNMS and Splunk already have support for monitoring Nextcloud 10+ systems and the openNMS configuration module can be easily modified for other tools like Nagios.

The app lets you track: