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Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks

As fully on-premises solution, Nextcloud Hub provides the benefits of online collaboration without the compliance and security risks.

One integrated solution

Hub integrates the three key Nextcloud products Files, Talk and Groupware into a single platform, optimizing the flow of collaboration. Eliminate the confusing hodgepodge of different SaaS tools and the compliance, security, cost and productivity issues that come with it and standardize on a single solution with Nextcloud Hub.

Nextcloud Files
Enterprise File Sync and Share

Nextcloud Files offers universal file access on desktop, mobile and web. Find files with powerful search, share your thoughts in comments or lock files until you are done with them.

About Files
Nextcloud Talk
Calls, chat and web meetings

Nextcloud Talk delivers on-premises, private audio/video conferencing and text chat through browser and mobile interfaces with integrated screen sharing and SIP integration.

About Talk
Nextcloud Groupware
Calendar, Contacts & Mail

Nextcloud Groupware integrates Calendar, Contacts, Mail and other productivity features to help teams get their work done faster, easier and on your terms.

About Groupware
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Why Nextcloud Hub

  • Hosted on-premises
  • 100% open source
  • A single, integrated plaform
  • Integration in infrastructure
  • Security and encryption
  • Key capabilities.

    Nextcloud Flow enables users to automate repetitive tasks and optimize business processes.

    Learn more about Flow

    Access existing storage silos like FTP, Windows Network Drives, SharePoint, Object Storage and Samba shares seamlessly through Nextcloud.

    Learn more about external storage

    Seamlessly edit office documents together with others, take notes while in a video call.

    Learn more about Collabora Online

    Manage users locally or authenticate through LDAP / Active Directory, Kerberos and Shibboleth / SAML 2.0 and more

    Learn more about user management

    Secure data with powerful file access control, multi-layer encryption, machine-learning based authentication protection and advanced ransomware recovery capabilities

    Learn more about security

    Extend Nextcloud further with a wide variety of apps on our app store or build your own

    Learn more about app development

    Powering collaboration

    Thousands of modern organizations secure data and improve productivity with Nextcloud Files, enabling tens of millions of customers and employees to collaborate seamlessly across divisions and over company borders.

    What can Hub do for me?

    As a comprehensive platform, Nextcloud Hub has a wide range of abilities not easy to explain with a few bullet points. Find below 2 scenarios that visualize some real-world use of Nextcloud Hub!

    Writing and gaining approval for a public proposal document: Project X

    Goal: write a proposal document with a team of people, then having it reviewed by the board and approved for release

    Tools: Files, Talk, Groupware, Collabora Online, tags, comments, groups, dashboard, Guests

    Read the full scenario

    Personas involved:

    • owner
    • 2 team members
    • 4 board members, one of whom dedicated to project
    • 2 external consultants

    Setup in advance

    • Default Nextcloud Hub + Guests apps
    • User accounts for board, team members, owner
    • Group for the board members and one for the team members

    Setting the first meeting

    • The owner opens Nextcloud Mail and writes an email to the team members, 1 board member and 2 external consultants by selecting them from the address book and explains the project, including a timeline with an initial meeting, asking for some time slots for the external consultants.
    • The consultants share possible time slots.
    • The owner opens Nextcloud Calendar and creates an appointment for the team plus the board member and external consultants, using the busy-view to find a time most suitable. The owner clicks the “create Talk room” to include a chat and video call room link for the meeting. The room is automatically named after the appointment.

    Creating a project and a team

    • The owner plans their own time, creating a Deck board named “Project X” and populating it with tasks that need to be done.
    • The owner goes to the Contacts app and creates a circle of the team members called Project X (this is a custom group).
    • The owner creates a new document (+ icon -> new Text document) and writes an agenda draft, then shares it with the Project X circle, adding a note to the share: please, give feedback on the draft agenda!

    Discuss the agenda

    • The team members get notified of the share, read the note and review the document, providing feedback as comments in the sidebar (The owner receives a notification when a comment is made) or just editing it right away.
    • After agreement on the agenda is reached, the owner shares the agenda in the meeting room that was created earlier, simply sharing to “Project X meeting room”. Now everybody, including the board member and consultants, have access to it.

    The first meeting

    • On the day of the meeting, all members get notified by Nextcloud of the meeting and join the room for the call. The document with the agenda can be seen and edited by all members (access rights could have been restricted by the owner but in practice, we believe that such restrictions are rarely needed).
    • After the meeting, the owner shares the Deck board “Project X” with the circle and schedules a call with the team members to go over the tasks, assign them and get to work.

    Getting to work

    • The owner creates a new office document for the proposal, and writes a first rough draft. Then the owners shares this draft with the Project X circle and adds a note or comments with some questions. The owner also adds it to the “Project X” project. The owner also tags the file with “work in progress”.
    • all team members can see the project in their Dashboard and see all files connected to it that they have access to. Each member can add more documents, chat rooms, tasks, calendars or other elements to the Project. Other members will then see those IF they are shared with them, if not the relation remains private.
    • By change tracking and comments in the document, the team discusses and improves the document. At any time, a real-time chat can be had in the sidebar of the document, or even a video call can be started.
    • Todo items are managed in Deck, with tasks and deadlines assigned and all participants getting notified when relevant tasks change status, as per their notification settings.

    Review and approval

    • Once the draft has progressed sufficiently, it can be shared with the consultants for their input. First the tag on the document is changed to “for external review”, as a File Access Control rule is in place that blocks external access to files with the “work in progress” tag.
    • Once the document is ready, it can be shared to the board group, and a Talk meeting is scheduled in the Calendar to discuss the document and gain approval.
    • Once the document is approved, the tag is changed from “for external review” to “finished” which can trigger automatic conversion to PDF and publishing on a third party platform.

    Turning an idea into a new office layout

    Goal: Find support for an idea in the office and get it approved

    Tools: Files, Talk, Groupware, Flow, Social, Forms, Anti-virus, Ransomware Protection

    Read the full scenario

    Personas involved:

    • Principal
    • Colleagues in the office
    • Management
    • Office manager
    • External office supplies firm

    Setup in advance:

    • Default Nextcloud Hub plus Forms, Social, Anti-virus, Ransomware Protection apps
    • User accounts for all participants
    • Group for the the team members, group for management
    • Circle (custom group) of team members and Principal

    The idea

    • During train commute, Principal writes down a good idea, to set up phone booths in the office to deal with noisy calls, in the Nextcloud Notes app on his phone.
    • The next office day, Principal accesses the Notes from his browser and shares the idea through Nextcloud Social, their internal social media platform. A few colleagues like his post and comment.
    • Principal brings his iPad to lunch, creating a new Text document for a quick outline of the plan.

    Gathering input

    • Principal creates an open circle, a custom group anyone interested in contributing to the idea can join, with the name Phone Booth. He shares this on Social so others can see it and join. A handful of colleagues joins the circle to participate in the conversation.
    • He puts together a quick survey in Nextcloud Forms, asking basic questions on what people would need in such a phone booth. He shares the link on Social and gives access to the results to the Phone Booth circle. Several colleagues provide input in the survey.

    Working with the team

    • Principal creates a chat room for the Circle in Talk on his iPad. He shares the document he is working on into the room and asks for feedback, pointing also to the survey answers he shared earlier.
    • A team member calls him using Talk and Principal picks up on his iPad to discuss the document they are editing together, going over the feedback from the survey.
    • Later at home, Principal drops a few images of phone booth designs he found on the internet in the chat for all to see. The nicest 2 images are added to the document.
    • Principal now creates a folder with the document and images and describes the basics of the idea in the Workspace area above the folder so a quick glance will show a recipient what it is about. He shares the folder with the Phone Booth circle, too, and throws in a PDF export of the results of the survey.
    • Principal sets up a quick ‘Flow’ to get notified with a chat message in the phone booths chat room whenever changes are made in the folder.

    Receiving an offer

    • The next day, Principal shares the folder with the office manager to asks if she can get an idea of the costs.
    • The office manager shares the folder through a public link with their office supplies firm, asking if they can provide such a phone booth. In a note with the share she asks them to provide at least 2 options. She gives them upload rights so they can simply upload a pdf with an offer in the folder, which they do.
    • The next morning, when checking his dashboard in the morning, Principal sees the chat message notifying them the offer was uploaded. Two team members already signaled their approval of the more expensive offer in the chat.

    Management feedback

    • Principal shares the folder with his manager, adding a note to the share asking if she could bring this up with senior management if she likes the idea. As her status in Nextcloud is set to ‘traveling’, he also sends an email to her boss.
    • Her laptop has downloaded the folder to her laptop so during her flight she can check the proposal and check the budget. She adds a line for phone booths in the budget proposal spreadsheet for the next month.

    A malware attack interrupts

    • After landing, her laptop syncs her changes but the sync is stopped: the anti-virus scanner on the server has discovered a malware infection. It stopped the sync and warned the system administrator and the manager.
    • There seems to have been a ransomware active for a while already, which as been slowly encrypting files over the last weeks. Because of this, many files have been modified since the first files were encrypted and thus restoring a backup from before the first infection would undo weeks of work. Luckily, the Nextcloud Ransomware Protection app allows one-click recovery of her data to un-encrypted data. The app has analyzed the files of the manager and for each file, can roll back to the version just before they were encrypted.
    • After all data was recovered, the manager can share the spreadsheet. The other managers react in chat on the budget. Once the team has all added their signoff tags it gets sent automatically to the finance back-office for processing through a flow configured in Nextcloud Flow.

    Why self hosting?

    You need 100% certainty

    Sending around data by email or using public SaaS file sharing solutions does not provide much security for sensitive data. Encryption is complicated and cumbersome to use, reducing the real benefits due to employees working around them or making mistakes.

    Keeping data on your own infrastructure or at a trusted local private or public cloud provider means you stay in control. Only then can you show your customers exactly where their sensitive documents are. Regulators can be certain that non-compliance with proper process is minimized.

    Read our blog for more

    SaaS is a risky solution

    Most consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox or Office 365 were not designed with privacy regulations and security concerns in mind, mixing data from consumers and businesses, spread out in data centers across the globe. Enterprise IT workloads may be processed by Cloud Providers liable to the US CLOUD Act, meaning your business data can be leaked on orders of the US judicial system, often without disclosure to you.

    Rather than trying to work around their limitations, Nextcloud provides a security-first solution which puts you in complete control over the location and access policies of data with a private cloud solution as well as a managed public cloud solution offered by local and trusted providers.

    Get started now

    Powerful collaboration

    Integrated groupware, chat and project management

    Nextcloud features tightly integrated chat, project management, mail, calendaring and more. Chat messages can be directly transformed into tasks, task deadlines are visible in the Calendar and files can be attached to a task from the sharing dialog.

    A single platform means there is no need to juggle different accounts, keep track of where in the many cloud platforms the latest version of a document is floating around, or worry about security threats and invisible costs.

    Benefits of a single platform

    Efficient workflows

    Common processes in organizations, like getting a document approved or turning it into a PDF, can be automated with Nextcloud Flow and Approval workflows. Thanks to integration of a number of document signing tools, requesting a formal signature on a PDF document like a contract or NDA can now be done directly from within Nextcloud.

    More about automation

    Collaborate on documents with Collabora

    Collabora Online integration in Nextcloud empowers your users to collaborate on office documents with team members in real time.

    Compatibility with Microsoft Office formats means perfect documents, every time.

    • Shipping by default in Nextcloud Hub
    • A modern and familiar user interface
    • The same document rendering in every browser
    • Desktop level editing capabilities
    Collabora Online

    Start your day informed

    The Nextcloud Dashboard is your starting point of the day, giving you an overview of your upcoming appointments, urgent emails, chat messages, incoming tickets, latest tweets and much more! Users can set their status so others know what they are up to..

    Dashboard features
    in action

    Security first

    We are deeply committed to protecting the safety of our customers' data. We are confident that Nextcloud Files offers the best security in the self-hosted file sync and share industry, because:

    we follow industry best practices around security (aligned to ISO27001)

    we offer some of the highest open source security bug bounties

    we integrate unique in-transit, server-side and client-side end-to-end encryption technologies.

    Security in Nextcloud
    Screenshot of file monitoring

    Compliance-ready monitoring

    Nextcloud enables admins to monitor the health and performance of a Nextcloud system with a graphical UI and an API endpoint for monitoring apps. Fully audit-ready logs of user activity are generated.

    Tracking changes to user files

    Nextcloud Files lets users track file modifications, downloads of shares and changes to comments or tags, providing an overview in the browser, clients or via email notifications and an RSS feed.

    Monitoring and compliance


    To ensure Nextcloud is accessible to users with visual impairments, Nextcloud has extensive keyboard accessibility and screen reader support.

    The colors used in Nextcloud meet the WCAG 2.0 AA standard for contrast and we created themes for users who need even higher support. Our High Contrast theme aims for WCAG 2.0 AAA compliance, while a Dyslexia-friendly font option helps people with reading disability. A Dark theme is also available.

    External storage, securely encrypted

    The external storage feature of Nextcloud gives users access to their data wherever it is. Nextcloud Files can access data stored with a wide variety of popular cloud service providers such as Amazon, Google and Dropbox, but can also access file storage solutions using standard protocols such as NFS, (S)FTP, WebDAV and more.

    The Encryption App can encrypt data at rest for both local and remote storage, protecting data stored on networks outside of user infrastructure. Keys can be handled by an external key management server or stored locally, on the server.

    External storage
    in action

    Integrated account management

    Nextcloud features built-in account management with optional two-factor authentication as well as Single-sign-on support and integration with external user directories like LDAP or IMAP, SMB, FTP and more.

    User management

    User-defined group management

    Users can define their own, custom groups, named Circles. These can be managed in various ways, including with invitations, through an open listing where users can join with or without an approval step, with designated sub-managers and so on.

    Users can share with these groups the same way as administrator-defined Nextcloud groups. Users can add members of a circle to a conversation, share a folder to a circle, assign a task to a circle and so on.

    VDR stock image

    Virtual Data Room

    In settings where a firewall is needed between departments or organizations without impeding smooth and efficient collaboration, a separate Virtual Data Room can be set up. Nextcloud offers a wide range of unique features for VDR use and its on-premises nature offers unparalleled confidentiality and control.

    Virtual Data Room features

    Nextcloud app: Collectives

    Bringing knowledge management to Nextcloud, Collectives enables users to share a set of handbooks with each other. Collectives is closely tied with the custom group feature in Nextcloud and builds on Nextcloud Text, so it allows for collaborative editing of documents, showing author colors, versioning, cross-page links and more.

    With Collectives, organizations can reduce the 'bus factor' by sharing knowledge in a way that fits a modern, paperless office and support asynchronous collaboration.

    More about Collectives
    Forms in action

    Nextcloud app: Forms

    Did you know a third of people who abandon a survey form do so because they worry about privacy and security? We understand, pretty much all those forms are hosted at Google or other, data-vacuuming services. Well, we have good news to you surveyors!

    With Nextcloud Forms, you can create as many forms, with as many questions, and shared with as many people as you like – without any limitations. You keep your form and the data you collect on Nextcloud. And you can easily analyze and share the results with our pretty and insightful graphs.

    More about Forms

    Nextcloud app: Whiteboard

    The collaborative Whiteboard app allows users to draw lines & shapes, take notes, add images and more, alone or while working with others. The app works fully in Talk and is very useful to give presentations during a video call with its synchronized view area feature.

    Files created with Whiteboard are saved among other regular files and are collaborative. Drawing, typing and adding images on the file are possible. The presentation feature is especially helpful for schools or analytical team meetings or brainstorming sessions.

    More about Whiteboard

    Key benefits

    Under your control

    There is no need to compromise with outsourcing. Rather than hosting your sensitive company data with a third party, keep it 100% under control of your IT team while offering the highly secure access and communication facilities that your employees need to be productive.

    A complete platform

    An easy, familiar user interface means efficient work. Nextcloud is unique by offering the most extensive built in communication and collaboration technology in the industry, negating the complexity of running and connecting multiple separate solutions.

    Military-grade security

    Nextcloud offers industry-first, unique solutions like Video Verification, machine-learning-driven suspicious login detection, extensive multi-factor authentication solutions and more. Extensive logging and monitoring show users, administrators and auditors the exact flow of data and who had access at what time.

    Ensure efficient and secure team productivity the content collaboration platform from the market leader.

    Contact us to learn how we can help you.

    What sets Nextcloud apart

    in action

    A complete platform

    Nextcloud offers the most comprehensive, deeply integrated on-premises collaboration platform on the market, replacing dozens of other tools.

    • Secure file exchange within and between organizations
    • Collaborative editing of docx, xlsx and more
    • File versioning, restore and retention control
    • Commenting on files, adding notes to share links
    • Integrated chat and secure audio-video calls
    • Calendar, mail and task management tools
    • Comprehensive set of security capabilities

    Switching between different tools is more than cumbersome and inefficient: it also increases the chance for mistakes that can result in data leaks.

    Having a complete, all-in-one solution simplifies the IT infrastructure for both users and the IT team, improving productivity and security.

    And much more.

    Nextcloud is open source - there are no limitations and you can inspect, integrate, extend and modify Nextcloud however you want

    Nextcloud offers an easy-to-use user interface which comes with search functionality, favorites, tags and even more ways to quickly reach the files users need. Full Text search is available using Apache Solr.

    Text file editing and thumbnail previews of PDF, images, text files, office files and more

    Integration of anti-virus scanning functionality with the anti-virus app

    Authentication through LDAP / Active Directory, Kerberos and Shibboleth / SAML 2.0 and more

    Pre-loaded files and folders for new users. Populate a new user's Files area with, for example, a tutorial file, which appears when they first log in.

    Powerful, integrated logging, two-factor authentication and NIST compliant password policy control functionalities

    Fine-grained control from mobile, desktop or the Web over data access and sharing capabilities. Pick from the list of users and groups, stored either locally or on another, authorized, server.

    Advanced quota management with configurable accounting of external storage

    Sharing and Provisioning REST APIs. Facilitates the integration of remote 3rd party apps

    Quick access to core functions for app development with the powerful Nextcloud App API and webhooks following the publication / subscription model

    Built in, easy-to-use theming to set color, login background and logo from Administrator screen.

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