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Nextcloud is an open source project and an open company. That means it is yours to make a difference!

We invite you to join our development efforts on GitHub and the conversations on our forums. Interact with us on our blogs and social media channels, too!

Do you want to get a certain improvement in Nextcloud? Did you find a problem? Do you want to help translate, promote or document Nextcloud?

Become part of the Community.

Contribute to Nextcloud server or apps

Learn about setting up a development environment or read our security guidelines, coding style and more!

Improve the Nextcloud Server: server development documentation, general guidelines and setup

Get a bug fixed: bugtracker documentation

Learn to write Nextcloud code. (Try your hands on a good first issue or get started with reviewing pull requests)

Help translate Nextcloud.

Talk to us on our forum! We look forward to your code and thoughts.

Learn more about writing Nextcloud apps

Answer questions about Nextcloud use and development

Help answer questions users and developers have about Nextcloud!

Join the Nextcloud forums

Please be considerate of our code of conduct. We want to provide a positive and enjoyable environment for everybody.

Test Nextcloud

Testing upcoming Nextcloud Server releases is the best way of making sure the new release can do what you need it to do. And of course, only if you report a problem to us we know about it and can fix it! If you have a bug to report, find the issue submission page.

Design Nextcloud

Help out with Nextcloud user interaction design or graphic design! Get involved on the design page!

Support Nextcloud development with bounties

Support Nextcloud development by offering some money on features you would like to have! Check our Bountysource page!

Note that we are hiring. We look especially for people who want to turn their passion into their job! When possible, we hire people from our active community base or from the wider open source community.

Let's make Nextcloud Rock!

If you have any questions, our community is happy to help you.

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