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Nextcloud Enterprise is designed to integrate well in Microsoft environments, with file storage, user directory, Outlook, Sharepoint, Windows Desktop, MS Office online server and Teams integrations available.

Nextcloud Sendent Outlook integration
Nextcloud Sendent Exchange connector integration
Nextcloud Sendent Teams integration
Nextcloud Sharepoint external storage integration

Any storage technology you need

Some of the storage technologies supported in Nextcloud include NFS and local storage as well as scalable, multi-bucket capable object storage like S3 and SWIFT compatible and CIFS/Windows Shares. Nextcloud can also seamlessly access files on (s)FTP, SharePoint systems and more.

Nextcloud Active Directory integration
  • Automated or manual provisioning
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Single-sign-on
  • Machine learning based suspicious login detection
Microsoft Online Office Server integration
  • Word Online
  • Excel Online
  • PowerPoint Online
  • OneNote Online
  • Collaborative editing supported

Send secure emails, share Nextcloud links or large files and create Talk rooms to seamlessly integrate Nextcloud with Microsoft Outlook.

Effortlessly synchronize Nextcloud calendars and contacts with Microsoft Exchange/365 or the other way around

Enhance collaboration by sharing files and folders from your Nextcloud server directly within the Team’s interface.

The WND & Sharepoint integration supports the use of SMB and Sharepoint as external storage solutions, giving users effortless access to data wherever it is.

The Active Directory integration allows integration with external user directories like LDAP, Active Directory or others as well as built-in account management, two-factor authentication and Single-sign-on support.

With the Office Online Integration app, enterprises can use a self-hosted Microsoft Office Online Server to view and edit documents from within Nextcloud.

Nextcloud Sendent Outlook integration

File sharing

Outlook integration

The Outlook add-in unlocks a wide array of powerful collaboration features, enhancing productivity and simplifying file management. Users can effortlessly convert email attachments into Nextcloud links, facilitating smooth and efficient sharing of files and documents. This eliminates the need for complicated downloads and uploads, ensuring a smooth collaboration experience.

Users can also insert upload links directly into emails, providing recipients with a convenient way to contribute files back to Nextcloud. This streamlined approach eliminates the complications of separate file transfer methods and encourages real-time collaboration.

The app features compatibility with macOS, Windows and web interfaces. Click here to learn more about the latest update.

Passwords and expiration dates

To bolster data security, the Outlook add-in empowers users to add passwords and expiration dates to shared links. This added layer of protection and control ensures that shared content remains secure and accessible only to intended recipients. With customizable settings, users can easily define password requirements and expiration periods to meet their specific needs.

Email server optimization and performance

By reducing the storage burden of large attachments in multiple email boxes, the Outlook add-in optimizes storage space and improves email server performance. This not only saves valuable resources but also enhances the overall efficiency of the email system. Seamlessly connecting Outlook and Nextcloud transforms collaboration by simplifying file sharing, enhancing data security, and boosting productivity across diverse workflows.

Exchange connector

Integrating Microsoft’s contact and calendar formats with Nextcloud, the Exchange Connector ensures seamless bidirectional synchronization of agendas and contacts for Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365.

By integrating Nextcloud Hub with the Microsoft ecosystem, organizations can benefit from a versatile alternative to the traditional Office experience. This compatibility ensures familiarity with Microsoft tools and workflows while leveraging the advantages of Nextcloud, enhancing collaboration and productivity within the organization’s workflow.

Nextcloud Sendent Exchange connector integration

With the capability to sync Outlook and Nextcloud Hub items, manual copying and pasting of agendas and contacts becomes a thing of the past. Users can efficiently manage their schedules and contacts, saving valuable time and effort.

The Exchange Connector benefits companies with teams working on different systems, enabling them to schedule meetings more easily and boost overall productivity. This streamlined feature promotes smooth coordination and scheduling, facilitating efficient collaboration.

Nextcloud Sendent Teams integration

Teams integration

Experience enhanced collaboration capabilities and optimized workflow by integrating Nextcloud with Teams, all while ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

With this integration, you can confidently send secure messages, share large files, and access confidential documents directly from your private Nextcloud server within the Teams user interface. Say goodbye to concerns about sharing sensitive data with Microsoft cloud and embrace a streamlined approach for efficient work processes. The Teams integration empowers you to effortlessly share and collaborate on files within your team.

Whether it’s sharing important documents, collaborating on projects, or accessing files stored in Nextcloud, the integration simplifies the process.

With a few clicks, you can seamlessly share files or folders, ensuring everyone is on the same page and has access to the most up-to-date information.

Boost productivity and foster seamless collaboration by harnessing the combined capabilities of Nextcloud and Teams integration.

WND & Sharepoint integration

Some of the storage technologies supported in Nextcloud include NFS and local storage as well as scalable, multi-bucket capable object storage like S3 and SWIFT compatible and CIFS/Windows Shares. Nextcloud can also easily access files on (s)FTP, SharePoint systems and more.

Advanced capabilities and additional tools to enhance performance on large instances or using SAML and Kerberos tickets to authenticate to a SMB share are available and documented on the Nextcloud customer portal.

Nextcloud Sharepoint external storage integration
Nextcloud Active Directory integration

Active Directory integration

Nextcloud offers integration with external user directories like LDAP and Active Directory, with built-in account management capabilities. It includes features such as two-factor authentication and Single-sign-on support.

This integration is especially versatile when it comes to Active Directory account management. Administrators have the ability to efficiently create, modify, or delete users in the connected user directory. Nextcloud Hub is equipped with a plugin-infrastructure which further extends this functionality.

Office Online Integration

Office Online Integration supports collaborative editing, allowing multiple users to work together in the same document, seeing what the other users are doing offering a familiar user interface and full compatibility with Microsoft Office formats.

Microsoft Office Online Server includes Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online. Office Online Server runs on dedicated servers or a virtual machine, and thus fits in a on-premises environment with Nextcloud. Office Online Integration enables companies to operate an Office environment on a private, secure server

Microsoft Online Office Server integration

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