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Going beyond the traditional licensing model, Nextcloud frees you from vendor lock-in and provides value through supporting your business' needs.
You run your own server and stay in control of your data - we make sure you have the best support whenever you need it!

What we offer

Your Nextcloud subscription enables you to successfully deploy and manage your Nextcloud instances, complimenting your IT resources and increasing the efficiency and reliability of your service.

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Dedicated to your success

We are dedicated to your success as Nextcloud customer. An analysis of your needs, a pilot customized for your architecture and remote installation support ensures a smooth introduction of Nextcloud in your organization and we will help you scale up to meet growing demand in your organization.

Nextcloud GmbH employs 9 of the top-ten developers in the Nextcloud Server codebase, making our engineering team by far the most qualified to help you get the most out of your Enterprise File Sync and Share solution.

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Top notch security

To keep your data safe

Nextcloud develops its software with a rigorous focus on security through the entire life cycle of the product. Our active and passive security measures are backed by the some of the highest security bug bounties in the open source industry.

As customer you get direct access to our security expertise, with hardening advice and ahead-of-release security issue mitigation and fixes.

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Multi-year lifecycle

For uninterupted service

A Nextcloud support subscription gives you access to enterprise-ready software, updates, and information and support services that span your entire OS and application infrastructure life cycle and architecture. You can count on receiving the latest product versions with the stability and security you need.

Working with data is essential for your business and being forced on the upgrade threadmill is disruptive to your organization. With access to up to 15 years security and stability updates to Nextcloud, we match the lifecycle of your operating system so you can schedule upgrades when it works for you and secure the investments you did in your existing platform.

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Nextcloud Enterprise Capabilities

Deep integration in your infrastructure

Nextcloud offers LDAP/Active Directory, SAML and Kerberos authentication. It accesses data on NFS, (s)FTP, WebDAV, Windows Network Drive, Object Stores like SWIFT and many more.

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Security features keep your data safe

Nextcloud supports two-factor authentication and Server Side Encryption, has brute force protection and features industry-standard security measures like CSP, SSC and password and session management.

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IT stays in control

Our File Access Control app enables administrators to defining data access rules or triggering actions based on location, group membership, file type, tags and other properties.

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Easy access for users

Users can access and share their data on Nextcloud through sync clients for Windows, Linux and Mac as well as Android and IOS, providing a smooth experience no matter where data is located.

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