Nextcloud Enterprise

Enterprise-ready collaboration platform that brings your data back.

Stay in control with Nextcloud

Optimized and tested for mission-critical deployment, Nextcloud helps you reach true digital sovereignty with full security compliance.

Full-stack collaboration hub

Nextcloud Hub is a reliable, secure collaboration platform that brings file sharing, video chat, email, task management and real-time document collaboration under one integrated interface.

Teamwork without security risks

Enjoy efficiency and comfort without sacrificing privacy. Nextcloud keeps your data within your control zone and gives you all you need to keep compliance issues and security risks at bay.

Sovereign IT on your terms

Build your path towards true digital sovereignty. It’s time to own every bit of data you create, store and share without third-party access to your IT.

Nextcloud Enterprise is a scalable and customizable solution for diverse setups. Our dedicated team guides you through the deployment process, instilling confidence and providing assurance at every step.

Why Nextcloud Enterprise

  • Additional testing and quality assurance
  • Early critical bug fixes and hot fixes
  • Team on standby to ensure smooth upgrades
  • Support delivered directly by our engineers
  • Dedicated support with individual account manager
  • Enterprise-grade SLA up to 24/7
  • Up to 5-10 years of long term support for stable Nextcloud releases
  • Early security patches
  • Enterprise-grade security features and hardening
  • Early notifications about critical issues
  • Proactive consulting to review and harden your instance
  • Full proof of concept package where our experts help you integrate Nextcloud in your infrastructure
  • Migration assistance: We help to migrate from your previous solution
  • Enterprise documentation and knowledge base, optional workshops and training
  • Access to expertise around scaling, security and best practices
  • Access to decision makers at Nextcloud
  • Influence on road map
  • Seat at the product advisory board
  • Custom integration of apps and services with hundreds of ready integrations
  • Branding and interface theming for both the web platform and the desktop clients
  • Microsoft integrations: Outlook, Exchange, Teams, WND and Sharepoint, Active Directory, Office Online
  • Access to add-ons from partner companies like: Collabora Online, ONLYOFFICE, Kaspersky, and many more
  • Guarantee that all code is secure, proven and certified for GDPR and HIPAA compliance
  • Access to enterprise GDPR documentation and compliance expertise necessary for data requests
  • certifications including accessibility standards (only apply to Enterprise product)
  • A number of Compliance apps and capabilities to customize the platform with any regulatory standards in mind.

Take advantage of high performance and minimal latency at any scale, from hundreds to thousands to millions of distributed users.

We employ a proactive security approach, offering rapid updates, advanced monitoring, and robust data protection tools to enhance your security measures.

With a Nextcloud Enterprise subscription, you’ll have direct access to Nextcloud engineering expertise without a call center in between.

Nextcloud lets you stay compliant with standards like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, FERPA, COPPA, several ISO certifications and many others.

As an Enterprise customer, you get access to the decision making process at Nextcloud: influence the roadmap and get a seat at the product advisory board.

Take advantage of modular architecture and hundreds of available apps to build your own custom ecosystem under your branding. Open API and detailed documentation let you integrate any applications and services you wish to add to your stack.

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