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Big audience

There are between 200.000 and 300.000 Nextcloud servers on the web with tens of millions of users between them. A big audience exists for functionality which extends the most popular self-hosted productivity platform. The most downloaded apps on our app store are installed on over 100.000 servers and have millions of user

Free promotion

We want you to be successful! If you create an app, extension or integration, Nextcloud will help you promote it. We are happy to work with you on a post for our blog, share the app over social media and you can present it at our conference.

Business opportunity

If you build an app, script, extension or tool as a business endeavor, we will be happy to support your effort. We love our ecosystem and want you to benefit of it! Perhaps we can commercialize it together, with us reselling your product or feature to our customers.

Get involved

Open Source empowers you. Where a software-as-a-service might allow you to tweak and build connectors, with Nextcloud you can go all the way and enhance the server itself or apps from other authors with new API’s and core functionality.

Nextcloud focus on the needs of users

Featured community apps

Nextcloud Include

Diversity strengthens a community. The Nextcloud Include initiative helps underrepresented groups to join the Nextcloud project, building an inclusive and diverse space where we collaborate and develop world class software.

Nextcloud Include
Travel support

Travel support

We’d love to have our contributors join our events, and we provide travel support for those who can’t afford to travel themselves!

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developer information

Have ideas on how to improve our developer information? Sign up to our forum and join the discussion. We love to hear your thoughts!

Nextcloud events

Nextcloud events

Nextcloud attends and organizes events where you can learn more about building apps and integrations!

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