Nextcloud brand

With these guidelines, we wish to encourage widespread use of the Nextcloud trademarks by the Nextcloud community while managing that use to protect the distinctive value of the trademarks and avoid confusion on the part of Nextcloud users and the general public.

Branding and Trademark Guidelines

General guidelines
for using the Nextcloud marks

Product quality and brand perception

It is fundamentally important to us that any permitted use you make of the Nextcloud marks be of the highest quality and integrity and meet the highest standards. To ensure this is the case, we reserve the right to revoke your permission at any time and for any reason.

Fair use

We acknowledge and support your right to make “fair use” of the Nextcloud marks, and do not mean to suggest with these guidelines that our permission is required in such cases. We cannot, however, tell you categorically what will and will not qualify as a “fair use.”

Logo usage

Nextcloud Logo

White logo on blue

Preferred color scheme, also suitable for other backgrounds like images.

Nextcloud Logo

Blue logo on white

When the background needs to be white, like in print.

Logo Nextcloud only icon - white

Mark only

Only to be used when there is no space for text due to size. We never use the text without our logo, and avoid horizontal arrangement.

  • The Nextcloud blue is #0082c9 with white text/image
  • The name “Nextcloud” can be optionally left out though, we provide logos without the text.
  • Do NOT alter the logo in any way or overlap it with additional logos. If overlapped onto images, it should be the white version and have enough contrast with the background
  • The typeface of the logo (or similar ones) should not be used anywhere else.
  • Instead use Open Sans, in regular weight. Use bold sparingly and only for selected emphasis.

For copies of the Nextcloud logo itself,
please refer to the Press page.

Clear space

When using our logo, please ensure that you give it room to breathe!
Overall rule would be to add a blank space of half the height of the logo on all sides.

Nextcloud logo clear space
Nextcloud logo

Nextcloud colors

Nextcloud blue

Main brand color

  • HEX#0082c9
  • RGB0, 130, 201
  • CMYK90, 48, 0, 0
  • Pantone285 C

Nextcloud gradient

Gradient main color ➜ light

  • HEX#0082c9 ➜ #1cafff
  • RGB0, 130, 201 ➜ 28, 175, 255
  • CMYK90, 48, 0, 0 ➜ 89, 31, 0, 0
  • Angle45deg


Used for backgrounds

  • HEX#ffffff
  • RGB255, 255, 255
  • CMYK0, 0, 0, 0

Text color

Used for body text

  • HEX#191717
  • RGB25, 23, 23
  • CMYK0, 1, 1, 90


Open Sans is our typeface of choice. We use Regular for body text and Bold for headings.

Open Sans




For legibility, we:

  • use a line-height between 130-150%
  • use a default tracking of the font
  • set line breaks so they work with the sentence structure
  • emply bolding for emphasis instead of italics
  • use sentence case, not Title Case or UPPERCASE



When referring to Nextcloud make sure that it is spelled correctly. Nextcloud is ONE word and must not be separated into two words. It has one capital, at the beginning, NextCloud is NOT a correct spelling.


correct spelling


wrong spelling

Contact information

Please contact us if you need assistance regarding these guidelines, e.g. for discussing your case or requesting permission, by using our contact form.