Nextcloud Assistant

The first local AI assistant built into a collaboration platform.

Be productive while avoiding data leaks with the Nextcloud Assistant.

Nextcloud Assistant

Improving productivity with a private AI Assistant

The Nextcloud Assistant is integrated across Nextcloud Hub, summarizing email discussions, offering suggestions while writing a document and translating chat messages.


Accessible using the Assistant button on the top-right, it can be be called up to use with any team collaboration tools.

Pre-defined operations

Allows users to execute pre-defined operations (summarize, create a headline etc) or give a free prompt.

Open source and self-hosted

Several local large language models are supported, meaning users can access the full power of LLMs without fearing data leaks.

Quote - Dirk Schrödter

Dirk Schrödter

Minister of Digitization of Schleswig-Holstein
In the future, we will make AI services available to colleagues in the state administration directly at the workplace. We want to drive the development of digitally sovereign and open solutions in addition to the use of existing AI services such as ChatGPT. Because, the administration of the future will work in an automated, algortihmized, cloudified and data-based way. To make this vision of the future a reality, we must provide the appropriate tools. This also creates value and jobs in our domestic digital economy.

Main features in Nextcloud Assistant

  • Derive text from provided data
  • Convey provided style, tone and wording
  • Powered by context awareness
Nextcloud Assistant Context Chat
  • Answer questions about your data
  • Manually define the scope
  • Limit to a specific folder or file
  • Convert your speech into text
  • Upload existing audio file
  • Free prompt text generation
  • Create headlines
  • Summarize paragraph
  • Reword existing text

Feature powered by context awareness which can derive context from existing files to convey their unique tone, wording, and even structure to create new texts with the data you provide.

A smart chat bot that can access your data and answer questions about your documentation, contracts, papers, reports or anything else. You can manually define the scope and even limit it to a specific folder or file for more precision.

Record your speech or upload an existing audio file and transform it to text right in the Nextcloud Assistant interface using AI.

Integration of the Assistant in Text allows users to select a piece of text, request an AI operation (summarize, reword, create headline and more) and insert the results once the operation has finished.

On-premise LLM integrated in Nextcloud Hub

Back-end options for Nextcloud Assistant

Other integrated AI features

Nextcloud self hosting under IT control

Ultimate control

The Nextcloud Assistant can work with a variety of public and private large language models, including SaaS and on-premises solutions. The on-premises solution guarantees data stays local and is not leaked to third parties through training of new AI models.

As a customer, you can gain access to the Nextcloud AI Assistant through our Ultimate subscription.

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Trusted SaaS options

Not ready yet to run AI work loads on your own infrastructure? Nextcloud works with European tech champions to offer reliable AI-as-a-Service solutions that follow EU privacy regulations and do not leak data to third parties or through AI training.


Germain Masse, AI Product Marketing Manager at OVHCloud

OVHcloud is thrilled to collaborate with Nextcloud in delivering state-of-the-art Digital Sovereign AI solutions to our customers. We are aligned with Nextcloud’s commitment to offering secure, privacy-conscious AI functionalities that safeguard training data and adhere strictly to GDPR regulations.



We are proud to offer Nextcloud customers a solution that complies with European data protection regulations. Reliable, trustworthy, and local AI services will be key to protecting their digital sovereignty for both the public and private sectors in Europe.


Christian Schmitz, Director Open Source at plusserver

plusKI brings cutting edge, open source AI technologies in a compliant and digitally sovereign service to the German market. We are excited to work with Nextcloud to make this available to their customers as back-end to the new generation of the Nextcloud Assistant.