Nextcloud Groupware

Team planning and email made easy

Nextcloud Groupware offers easy-to-use web mail, calendaring and contacts that helps your team get things done quicker and easier, integrated with Nextcloud Files.

Easy access, anywhere

An efficient, modern and easy-to-use web interface for small or large teams.

Less distractions and deep integration in other Nextcloud products means more productivity, wherever you are!

Ultimate security

An open source, self-hosted product.

Emails, calendars and contacts are stored on your own infrastructure, without any third party ever gaining access.

Deep integration

Native integration into iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Outlook and Thunderbird.

Simple deployment, configuration and integration lower costs and decrease risk while leveraging your existing IT investments.

Improve team productivity now with the leading content collaboration platform.

Key features

screenshot of mail in action

Nextcloud Mail

Send and receive emails in a breeze

  • Multiple accounts with unified inbox
  • Recognizes travel itineraries and adds them to calendar
  • Supports end-to-end encryption using OpenPGP

Note: Nextcloud Mail is a client for IMAP servers;
Nextcloud does not include a mail server.

pic of calendar in action

Nextcloud Calendar

Schedule work and meetings online

  • Create and share multiple calendars
  • Integrate external calendar resources (WebCal)
  • Book resources through a busy view or plan a Talk meeting

Nextcloud Contacts

Keep your relations organized

  • Track birthdays of your contacts
  • Share your address books with your team
  • Sync your contacts with phones and other devices

a project in deck

Nextcloud Deck

Manage your work with others

  • Create any number of private or shared Kanban-style task boards
  • Drag'n'drop cards, assign them to team members and set due dates
  • Use checklists, attach files & export boards

Nextcloud fluently integrates into your existing infrastructure while also providing its own. Note that Nextcloud Mail is a client for IMAP-infrastructure; Nextcloud does not include a mail server.

Unique advantages


Nextcloud Groupware is designed to deeply integrate in your infrastructure, using existing user directories and file storage systems.
Learn more about user management
Learn more about storage technologies


Nextcloud Groupware is engineered from the ground up to be secure with the latest web protections and secure login technologies like Brute Force Protection and 2-factor authentication.
Learn more about security


Nextcloud Groupware is built to host yourself and work with existing SMTP and IMAP servers. This simplifies compliance by putting you in control. Nextcloud supports you with excellent monitoring and audit-ready logging functionality.
Learn more about monitoring and logging

Sync Calendars and Contacts
with Microsoft Outlook

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With the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer, Outlook users can easily sync their events, tasks and contacts between Microsoft Outlook and their Nextcloud server.

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Full Outlook synchronization

The CalDAV and CardDAV plugin offers two-way sync for CalDAV calendars and tasks, CardDAV contacts and can also handle the Google native Contacts and Tasks API.

The plugin handles Outlook categories, mapping CalDAV server colors to Outlook category colors and syncing calendars and tasks to the categories. The plugin also handles timezones and recurring events with exceptions and can deal with Outlook custom properties.

in action


The Outlook CalDav Synchronizer supports:

  • SSL/TLS, also with self-signed certificates and proxy;
  • Auto discovery of calendars and address books;
  • Configurable sync time range filter;
  • Time-triggered-sync and sync changes from Outlook immediately;
  • and it can use server settings from an Outlook IMAP account profile.

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Thanks to the Mozilla Thunderbird Lightning Calendar add-in and the Cardbook Thunderbird Contacts add-in, Nextcloud Groupware integrates great into Thunderbird.

Learn more in our documentation.

Serving your needs

Nextcloud is committed to provide technology that is a perfect fit for your organization!


Nextcloud provides the highest security for protected health information.


Nextcloud has unique features for research and academic institutions.

Financial Services

Nextcloud delivers confidentiality, security and compliance.


Nextcloud offers the ultimate control to protect digital sovereignty in Government.

Global scale

Scale Nextcloud to hundreds of millions of users at commodity cost.

Media and Advertising

Nextcloud provides easy and efficient collaboration on large files.

Lawyers and Notaries

Nextcloud assures your clients that their documents stay 100% confidential.

Construction and manufacturing

Nextcloud has the easy, efficient UI engineers need to deliver on time.

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