Nextcloud Include

Supporting diversity in open source

Diversity strengthens a community. The Nextcloud Include initiative helps underrepresented groups to join the Nextcloud project, building an inclusive and diverse space where we collaborate and develop world class software.


We provide mentoring to people new to our community.

Travel support

We sponsor the travel & accommodation for participation in Nextcloud events.


We hire students from underrepresented groups to intern at Nextcloud GmbH.


Help to get started

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There are many areas in Nextcloud you can get involved in. From technical tasks like building an app, design, coding on the front or back-end to translation and helping out on the forums.

We want to enable everyone to get involved and we recognize that the privileged nature of the tech community is an extra barrier for underrepresented groups. We hope to help lower that barrier by connecting you directly to somebody who wants to help you.

We have a number of people who are happy to help you get started!

Find a mentor

Travel Support

Participate in events

The Nextcloud community meets regularly at big hackweeks or smaller ad-hoc ones all over Europe. We also host our yearly Nextcloud Conference and attend many events like FOSDEM and SCALE.

We want to support participants to join these events by sponsoring part or the whole of their transportation and accomodation costs.

If you would like to join a Nextcloud event, let us know! We typically support 80% of the travel & hotel costs but we can accommodate you if that would not be sufficient. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

Request travel support


Join Nextcloud GmbH

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Nextcloud is always on the look-out for new talents and we'd like to give beginning developers, marketeers and sales people a chance to learn practical skills with us!

We encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply for these positions and to sent their resume.

You can find open positions on our jobs page but please don't hesitate to send you resume if there is nothing that fits you - we just might not yet know we need you!

Send your resume

Anticipated questions


Is there a problem in the Nextcloud community?

We are a very nice, friendly and welcoming community. But, like just saying "you are welcome to join the conference" to parents with kids without providing a playground is not enough, we need to be pro-active.

So, with Include, we want to make a real effort to improve.

Open Source and tech in general values meritocracy and that is a great sentiment, but reality is that the we are not as meritocratic as we like to believe. Even software developers (ahum) are human and can't help taking non-technical factors into account when judging code and people. The result of that is that we structurally fail to value some contributions, even if they are of equal or better quality than others, simply because of whom they come from. On top of that, most tech environments have cultivated a very monochromatic, often downright toxic culture towards anyone who does not fit in. Usually the people in it don't notice it at all. Sadly, it is hard to empathize with people very different than us and humans rarely recognize the peculiarities and downsides of the culture they live in.

Am I still welcome?

You are not part of any group of people that seems to be underrepresented at Nextcloud? You are of course just as welcome as before. This is a specific program that helps us support underrepresented groups. Trying to compensate for a structural disadvantage is not exact science, but Nextcloud is certainly no less open today to anyone as it was before we announced Include.

Mentorship, travel support and internships have always been available to anyone active in our community and will continue to be the way they always were.

Is Nextcloud Include only for developers?

No, certainly not, though we are of course a largely technical community trying to help people solve a societal and political issue. We welcome help with documentation, design, translation, and even marketing and sales!

Did you know our website is entirely built in github including this page? Find a typo - you can propose an improvement using the same workflow as we use to build our software. The same goes for our documentation and translation, those, too, are collaborated on in the open.


Here are some of our mentors. We are in the process of adding more and you can join, too!


Camila San Martin Ayres

Software Engineer

Desktop client

lives in Berlin, Germany

Camila is from Brazil and has worked as front-end developer, with C#, Java and even Delphi. She got into open source doing C++/Qt development in the KDE community. After moving to Germany she worked with PHP, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Go and Drupal 7. She's now a desktop client developer at Nextcloud but just might do other things than C++ sometimes.


Jan-Christoph Borchardt

Design Lead

Co-founder, Simplicity & Ease of Use

lives in Berlin, Germany

Jan-Christoph is responsible for design on ownCloud since early 2011, continuing at Nextcloud. He pushes forward better design in open source through founding and contributing to several projects, giving talks, working with universities, and fostering the Open Source Design collective.


Marie Gutbub

Online Marketer

Marketing and Content

lives in Berlin, Germany

Marie studied cultural journalism at the Berlin University of the Arts. She got involved in privacy and open source in 2014, when she started organizing CryptoParties in Berlin. She has worked on many campaigns, trainings and events about privacy, human rights, journalism and open source with the Center for Investigative Journalism, the Tor Project and the Courage Foundation, among others.


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Where does this come from?

We have been putting in effort in diversity since we started our project, participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code for example. When Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek won the Reinhard von König award he decided to donate its 20.000 euro prize money to the Nextcloud community to start a diversity program! That provided a great start for this and we hope it will be just the beginning: you can donate, too, if you want!

Contact us to donate
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Reinhard von Koenig Award

The bi-annual Reinhard von Koenig award is named after inventor Baron Reinhard von Koenig (1899-1992) and awarded at his former family castle Fachsenfeld in Aalen, located in East Württemberg, the region with the largest number of globally leading companies in Germany. In 1982, Baron von Keunig donated his entire estate and assets to the Fachsenfeld Foundation he founded, with the goal of promoting technological and cultural innovations. The criteria for the award requires that the prize is awarded to people who have developed new technological approaches to socially relevant challenges, shown technical courage and made a significant contribution to sustainable progress.

Learn more
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How is it managed?

To handle the money, we work together with the amazing KDE community which takes care of the financial part. This also means donations are tax-free in many countries!

The spending of the money is decided on by a small group of Nextcloud diversity advocates, including Jan-Christoph Borchardt, Marie Gutbub and Camila San Martin Ayres.

Learn more about KDE e.V.

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