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The Nextcloud documentation for home users:

Use and enjoy the more than 100 community developed apps from our built in app store, browse them on online. Find documentation on handling Apps here.

Help from others

You can ask for help in our community support channels:

Please understand that all these channels essentially consist of users like you helping each other out. Consider helping others out where you can, to contribute back for the help you get. This is the only way to keep a community like Nextcloud healthy and sustainable!

Enterprise support

If you run Nextcloud in a mission critical environment with large numbers of users and big amounts of data and need the certainty of support from the experts behind the Nextcloud technology, a Enterprise Subscription from Nextcloud is available with email and phone support.

Our unique approach to support gives you what no other vendor can offer: direct access to core Nextcloud engineering expertise without a layer of support people between you and what you need! Learn more on

Stay up to date with Nextcloud news - future plans for releases, events and development are covered monthly in our news letter.

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