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The Nextcloud documentation:

Customers can log in to our customer portal with their credentials for additional information on scalability and performance for large instances, enterprise database configuration tuning and more. Access our Customer Portal here.

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Support options

Help for home users

Home users can ask for help in our forums.

Please understand that our forum essentially consist of users like you helping each other out. Consider helping others out where you can, to contribute back for the help you get. This is the only way to keep a community like Nextcloud healthy and sustainable!



If you run Nextcloud in a mission critical environment, you need an enterprise platform. Nextcloud Enterprise is our tested and certified enterprise product for medium and large businesses, governments and educational institutes. It is backed by our support and gives access to our customer portal and consulting services.


Reporting bugs

Once you have found the root cause of a bug and it is an issue in Nextcloud itself, report it in our bug tracker. Please keep in mind that this is NOT a support channel and only meant for reporting confirmed issues. Code examples and debugging information is needed and support requests will be closed. Use our forums for help with debugging issues.

report a bug

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