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Case Study: North-West University in South Africa using Nextcloud and Collabora
North-West University features three locations, with the furthest over 200Km away from Potchefstroom where IT maintains their servers in two data centers. October 2017, the university introduced a successor to the once-innovative network drive: a modern collaboration platform consisting of Nextcloud and Collabora Online. Today we publish a case study … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Android app update with improved user interface and sharing
Today the Nextcloud Android team is proud to release version 3.2, which brings a new file detail view together with a large number of smaller user interface improvements and bug fixes. With almost 80 merged pull requests and over 35 resolved issue reports, this release is all about polishing and … Continued Read more.
The TU Berlin shares its roadmap: making it easier to share and collaborate
Article by Swapnil Bhartiya, published earlier in German on Knowledge is power and that power exists in the form of data. Sharing of knowledge is the bedrock of any scientific or research community. Data needs to be sharable among peers so different communities can work together in a collaborative … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 13.0.3 and 12.0.8 available
Today we announce it is time to upgrade your Nextcloud servers: we make minor updates with bug- and security fixes available. Customers can rely on the stand-by upgrade support from Nextcloud GmbH if needed. This release comes with the changes part of our GDPR Compliance Kit we announced last week, … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Talk expands to include chat on all platforms, improves user experience
Today, updates to the Nextcloud Talk decentralized video and text chat communication platform deliver chat on iOS and Android and improve the user experience across supported operating systems. Building on the earlier Talk 3.2 release, it is now possible to do voice-only calls, users can be mentioned and notifications of … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 2018 Conference : Call for Papers
Nextcloud 2018 Conference is coming!!! Three months from now, on August 23-30, our annual Nextcloud Conference will take place at Technical University Berlin. This is our opportunity to get together and make Nextcloud awesome (it already is, of course). Come and share with us what you’ve been working on: We … Continued Read more.
Celebrating 2 years Nextcloud
Just over two years ago on June 2, a dozen engineers started a new journey: Building a better private cloud. One that delivered on the needs of users and customers, providing ultimate protection for their data while empowering them to share, collaborate and be productive in a fun and efficient … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud releases deep iOS integration
Just in time for this years Apple WWDC, Nextcloud release a new version of the Nextcloud iOS app with integration into the iOS 11 Files app and many more improvements. Read on to learn about the many improvements that were made since we last blogged about iPhone X support early … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud partner Omnis Systems presenting solutions at GDPR event in Luxembourg
A while ago, we covered a case study our partner Omnis Systems did with Intel and today, the Omnis team is gearing up for the Luxembourg Data Protection Days, taking place May 29 and 30 at Alvisse Parc Hotel in Luxembourg. Proud to be the only Value Added Distributor in … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud and Red Hat partner to provide GDPR-compliance friendly on-premises collaboration solution
We’re very excited to announce a partnership with Red Hat to deliver Nextcloud on OpenShift and RH Storage solutions. Red Hat’s experience in file storage and hosting and Nextcloud as powerful collaboration and file syncing platform combine into the perfect solution for organizations trying to get their data back under … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud releases GDPR Compliance kit for on-premises collaboration solution
Many companies have been working hard to ensure they are GPDR compliant by the end of this week. For many, Nextcloud has been a part of that, simplifying compliance by helping companies keep sensitive data in-house. Today, we release a Nextcloud Compliance Kit to help these organizations comply with the … Continued Read more.
Next big open source win: Capital of Switzerland moves schools to Nextcloud
The last weeks, open source has been making waves in public organizations! Last month, Nextcloud won the German Federal Government and we reported on a wave of cities all over Europe moving to Nextcloud. This week brought another piece of good news: Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is moving its … Continued Read more.
Unsung heroes of the Nextcloud community: Eric Daly
Eric Daly, also known as linucksrox online, is a system administrator for an organization in West Michigan, USA. He doesn’t get bored of being a sysadmin; he also maintains a small ESXi host at his house which runs several Linux servers such as Nextcloud, pfSense, Ampache, and OpenVPN. He does, … Continued Read more.
Turris MOX adds Nextcloud to put users back in control over their data
The Czech CZ.NIC association, makers of the popular open source Turris Omnia router, today announces adding Nextcloud and a private cloud perk for their modular, next-generation router! The Turris MOX allows users to pick from a number of basic modules, combining them into exactly the type of device fitting their … Continued Read more.
Unsung heroes of the Nextcloud Community: Kristian
Can you maintain your privacy while contribute to open source projects publicly? Yes, says Kristian, a developer from Germany who works as a second level support engineer and consultant in a small company that provides advanced management solutions for bigger companies and corporations. Kristian has been fascinated with computers from … Continued Read more.

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