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Shadow first to connect remote PC technology with content collaboration

Shadow is probably best known for their remote gaming PC platform. Nextcloud-based Shadow Drive will allow users to store their data while keeping it accessible from anywhere.

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All you need to know about facial recognition technology and the Nextcloud Recognize app!

Face recognition often gets a bad rap, as it’s associated with privacy infringements. However, Nextcloud software engineer Marcel Klehr would argue that the issue isn’t the technology itself, but how it’s used. To understand his thoughts, let’s first dive into how computers recognize faces. How do computers recognize faces? Face recognition is a system and […]

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Europe steps up fight for digital sovereignty, bans 365 and Workspace in more places

For the past several years, Europe has been fighting for its digital sovereignty, and this is escalating as also covered by Tech Crunch. The most well-known names in the software-as-a-service industry – American firms Microsoft and Google – have been growing their business in the European market for a long time thanks to their name […]

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Join our Expert Talk on: How Nextcloud enables Educational institutes to collaborate efficiently

Join our interactive video session with Nextcloud experts Mikaela Schneider, Roxana Bocancea and Fyruz Wahid to learn why many Educational institutes are moving away from Big Tech collaboration platforms like Google Drive and Microsoft 365 to Nextcloud. They discuss the challenges these big platforms offer for educational organizations need and evaluation criteria for selecting collaboration […]

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NYT reports: Google offers no recourse for mistakenly blocked accounts

The possibility of your Google account being blocked forever? It’s more likely than it may seem. And Google will do nothing about it. The story of 2 mistakenly blocked Google accounts As seen in the New York Times article, two individuals from California and Texas have been permanently blocked from their Google accounts due to […]

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Introducing the Nextcloud and Mattermost Integration!

Nextcloud and Mattermost are officially integrated – meaning you can now use both platforms together to share files securely and collaborate more efficiently. The integration makes it possible to share Nextcloud Files to a specific channel in Mattermost. Simply upload a file directly to a channel or send a shared link to collaborate with colleagues, […]

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Join us at your local trade show: Italy, Spain and Sweden!

Nextcloud users and customers are all over the world. 🌍 That’s why we are on our way to YOU in Italy, Spain and Sweden! Check out the following local events if you or your business are in the area: Open Source Week Italia, Red Hat and RIOS Open Source Week #OSW2022 is back for its […]

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First maintenance release for Hub 3 out, updates to older releases too

Minor Nextcloud updates are released! As always, minor releases include stability and security improvements that are designed to be a safe and quick upgrade.

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Join our webinar about Office and Groupware in Nextcloud Hub 3

With our latest release called Nextcloud Hub 3, we introduced a major update to Nextcloud Office and Nextcloud Groupware. The new Nextcloud Office delivers Nextcloud users a powerful, self-hosted office suite with collaborative editing and 100% compatibility with proprietary file formats.

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