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Digital Imaging for Medicine in Nextcloud
In the last months, Aysel Afsar Ozkan integrated a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) viewer in Nextcloud, making it available for medical professionals to review Radiography or Tomography images easily and, more importantly, securely. Introducing DICOM DICOM is the international standard to transmit, retrieve, store, print, process and … Continued Read more.
Valentine’s day: we love Free Software!
It is that time of the year again, a day to profess love. And we’d like to join in. As community, we’re collaborating and producing privacy protecting software under a set of licenses which lets us work together in a transparent, open and efficient way! This was a central reason … Continued Read more.
Android app 3.0 with end-to-end encryption, Oreo, login wall detection and more
The Nextcloud Android app v3 delivers Android 8 Oreo support, End-to-end Encryption, much better handling of local and remote files, many fixes for the auto-upload and much more in over 180 pull requests reviewed and merged over the last months. It is now available on the app store and you … Continued Read more.
The issue with Public Cloud
One question a lot of people ask us is: Is it a bad idea to store corporate data on Dropbox? Or: Should I store my company’s data on consumer grade public clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive or Office 365, among others? There is a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 13 Brings Improved UI, Video and Text Chat, End-to-end Encryption, Improved performance and more
Nextcloud 13 is out after 9 months of development and testing. This release brings improvements to the core File Sync and Share like easier moving of files and a tech preview of our end-to-end encryption for the ultimate protection of your data. It also introduces collaboration and communication capabilities, like … Continued Read more.
Encryption in Nextcloud
Providing strong protection of data is the biggest benefit Nextcloud has over public clouds. Self-hosting means you are in control over your data. Of course, un-authorized access has to be stopped and this is where encryption comes in. In this blog post we’ll discuss the different types and layers of … Continued Read more.
Guest post: Federated Blockchains and the Financecloud API, by Matthias Klees
Finance Cloud API develops a protocol to launch financial and crypto services, and is using Nextcloud for the cloud part. Discover the presentation of the Finance Cloud API Idea, by Matthias Klees! Finance Cloud API, by Matthias Klees Since last year, we have been developing the FINANCECLOUD API Idea (a … Continued Read more.
ActivityPub: the new standard for decentralized networks
Today, the World Wide Web gained a new standard: ActivityPub. The recommendation has been published by the responsible W3C workgroup after 3 years of work, started in no small part by Christopher Lemmer Webber, founder of the Mediagoblin project. Nextcloud uses ActivityPub, implementing it to handle Activity federation between servers, … Continued Read more.
12.0.5 and 11.0.7 are out – time to upgrade!
Today we released bugfix releases to the stable Nextcloud series, 12.0.5 and 11.0.7. They come with many small improvements to improve the stability and reliability of your Nextcloud server, and as usual we strongly recommend to upgrade at your earliest convenience. Main changes The main changes are: More reliable unlocking … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud and GÉANT team up to deliver secure file sync and share solution for education and research
GÉANT, a pan-European data network for the research and education community, now offers in Nextcloud a secure, self-hosted sync, share and communication solution to its participants. Communication and real time collaboration are quickly becoming more important in the educational market, while keeping the data and communication under control of IT … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud GmbH joins the LOT Network
Nextcloud was founded on the idea that the true open source is great for business and home users alike. We joined the Open Source Business Alliance in Germany to help promote this idea and use openChain to validate our licensing model so our customers can rest assured our software is … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Events the coming weeks
The coming weeks, you’ll have a chance to meet Nextcloud at a variety of events across the globe. We’ll be in Poland, Germany, Singapore, and Belgium! Read on to find what’s where and when. CS3 workshop: research and education in Poland On January 29 in Krakow, Poland, the Department of … Continued Read more.
Introducing a Full Self-hosted Audio/video and Chat Communication Platform: Nextcloud Talk
We’re very proud to announce today Nextcloud Talk, the first enterprise-ready, self-hosted communication technology giving users the highest degree of control over their data and communication. Nextcloud Talk is a fully open source video meeting software, on-premise hosted and end-to-end encrypted. It features a text chat and is available for … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud grew customer base 7x, added over 6.6 million lines of code and doubled its team in 2017
2017 has been the year of Nextcloud, if you would ask Google Trends: We’re clearly the project with the greatest momentum in the self-hosted Enterprise File Sync and Share market, steaming past the likes of Citrix Sharefile, Egnyte, Accellion, FileCloud and ownCloud. On the good news that our iOS client … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud will rock FOSDEM – are you ready for it, too?
This year, Nextcloud will again be at FOSDEM! Last year, we had a team of over a dozen enthusiastic volunteers to present our project to the thousands of visitors and this year, we hope to have an even bigger and cooler presence. What can you expect from us? A booth, … Continued Read more.

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