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Nextcloud 15 goes social, enforces 2FA and delivers a new generation real-time document editing
Nextcloud ends the year with a big announcement: Nextcloud 15 is here! This release marks a big step forward for communication and collaboration with others in a secure way, introducing: Nextcloud Social new security abilities deep Collabora Online integration with: a sidebar with video calls, chat integrated version management new … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud introduces social features, joins the fediverse
Today, Nextcloud 15 has been made available. As there is so much new and improved in this release, we have dedicated separate blogs to each main area of improvement. This blog covers a preview of the the brand new Nextcloud Social app, introducing social networking to Nextcloud. Download now! The … Continued Read more.
Next generation 2-factor authentication and security hardening
Today, Nextcloud 15 has been made available. As there is so much new and improved in this release, we have dedicated separate blogs to each main area of improvement. This blog covers our work in the area of security hardening and new security capabilities. Download now! Next generation 2-factor authentication … Continued Read more.
New grid view, PDF conversion, 2-3x faster loading, dashboard, new full text search engine and more
Today, Nextcloud 15 has been made available. As there is so much new and improved in this release, we have dedicated separate blogs to each main area of improvement. In this post we describe our new grid view and design work, the Workflow features and performance improvements below and cover … Continued Read more.
Mobile app integration for Online Office, Talk in the file sidebar and much improved sharing
Today, Nextcloud 15 has been made available. As there is so much new and improved in this release, we have dedicated separate blogs to each main area of improvement. This blog covers the work we have been doing with Collabora Online to more deeply integrate real time document editing in … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 2.5.1 and 15.0.0RC3 are here!
We’ve made available the third release candidate for Nextcloud 15 as well as version 2.5.1 of our desktop client! Help us test Nextcloud 15 and upgrade to the new desktop client to get almost two dozen bugfixes. 15 RC3 We’re almost there, but the changes needed in RC2 was still … Continued Read more.
Unsung heroes of the Nextcloud Community: Bernhard Posselt
It’s a classic libre software contributor story: Someone uses a tool, and adds to it a missing feature they want. Nextcloud contributor Bernhard Posselt got started this way and became a central member of the Nextcloud community. He is based in Austria, studied Software Engineering, programs mostly in Java (Spring), … Continued Read more.
Moodle x Nextcloud: “I enjoy being a part of two open source communities whose efforts empower many people”
You may have heard about the release of Moodle 3.6, which comes with built-in Nextcloud and was announced last Monday. A great occasion to get to know one of the great minds behind the project: Jan Dageförde, from the University of Münster, who answered a few questions for us. Who … Continued Read more.
The Contributor Week is over, time to plan for the next one!
It’s time for some early planning! Some of you told us that you missed the last Contributor Week because you didn’t have time to plan for it, so we made sure to announce this one very, very early. Actually we’re even writing this post live from the last Contributors Week … Continued Read more.
Moodle 3.6 is here with Nextcloud integration!
Today, the Moodle team has released version 3.6, which comes with built-in Nextcloud support as well as many other improvements like enhanced course overview & dashboard, GDPR privacy settings, Media uploads in assignment feedback and more. Nextcloud integration Last year, we announced the Nextcloud Education Edition, developed in collaboration with … Continued Read more.
Talk for Android 3.1 is here with MCU support, group conversations, file previews and more!
You can expect the Nextcloud Talk for Android 3.1 version to be on your phone in the coming days, delivering group conversations, file previews and MCU support! This release expands on the 3.0 release, which we also didn’t cover in a blog so we’ll recap and talk about both. More … Continued Read more.
What happens to your data when a user account is deleted?
This post was originally written in German by the German Federal Youth Council. Nextcloud is free software for sharing and collaboratively working with files, appointments, tasks, chatting, video conferencing, collaborating and much more. Nextcloud scales from small teams to many thousands of users – and even quite simple web hosting … Continued Read more.
Attending 35c3, FOSDEM, SCALE? Meet Nextcloud!
This winter again, Nextcloud will attend some great events to meet our beloved community! With, of course, a full program: booths, workshops, presentations, and lots of time to meet you all. 35c3 – the 35th edition of Chaos Computer Congress We have never had an official booth at the CCC … Continued Read more.
Meet Nextcloud experts at enterprise events: Paris Open Source Summit, CS3, Univention Summit, Didacta Conference.
The coming months, Nextcloud will be present at several professional events, offering business representatives an opportunity to learn more about Nextcloud and meet our experts. We are very happy to announce that Nextcloud will have booths, talks, workshops and roundtables at the following events: Paris Open Source Summit, December 5-6 … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 15 RC1 is here for testing, earn swag for upgrade bugs
We are making swift progress: Nextcloud 15 is near to a release thus it is time for the first release candidate. Last week we did Beta 2 and there have been at least 40 changesets included since then. We ask everyone, as always, to help us test it. Release Candidate … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 12.0.12, 13.0.8 and 14.0.4 are available!
It is that time again: your updater will soon light up, Nextcloud updates are here! As always, these contain bug fixes, not risky rewrites, so updates should be smooth and safe, in no small part thanks to our RC testers! You should update your server: not only does it improve … Continued Read more.
Controlling file retention on files uploaded with the Outlook Add-in
One of the more powerful features in Nextcloud is the auto-tagging feature combined with files retention control. This enables admins to control the life cycle of data. For example, you could delete files replacing email attachments using the latest version of the Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in after a set … Continued Read more.
ONLYOFFICE & Nextcloud partner up!
We are excited to share news of a partnership between Ascensio System SIA, the Latvian home of the ONLYOFFICE real-time online document editor, and Nextcloud GmbH, the German company doing the core development for the most popular self-hosted file sync & share solution on the market. Deeper integration The goal … Continued Read more.

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