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Bridging platforms and teams with Nextcloud Exchange Connector

Due to high interest, we're hosting another webinar on the Nextcloud Exchange Connector. Learn how this tool integrates MS Exchange with Nextcloud Hub.

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Streamlining enterprise documents with Nextcloud Office

Join us in this webinar where we will unravel the complexities of document formats in enterprise environments

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Enterprise Day sponsor announcement: OVHcloud

Enterprise Day 2024 sponsor announcement: OVHcloud

Welcome the first sponsor of Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2024 — OVHcloud. A pioneer of the European cloud service industry, OVHcloud is committed to open source standards and provides the means to reach true digital sovereignty for businesses and public sector globally.

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Nextcloud Forms is here to keep your surveys private

Create customizable surveys with Nextcloud Forms without limitations and privacy concerns. The app ensures secure data processing, unlimited questions and responses, and ultimate privacy.

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Sendent Outlook add-in for Nextcloud

Sendent: An Outlook add-in to protect your data

Discover Sendent, an add-in that helps easily integrate Nextcloud into your workflow for secure and easy file sharing in Outlook.

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Secure sharing using Outlook and Nextcloud

Join us for a session where we'll discuss and demonstrate the integration of Microsoft Outlook and Nextcloud Hub using the Sendent Outlook add-in.

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Make the switch from ownCloud to Nextcloud

Discover the benefits of transitioning from ownCloud to Nextcloud and get a closer look at our migration tool and our specially tailored migration package for ownCloud users.

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Branding and theming Nextcloud Hub

From simple theming to comprehensive enterprise branding, discover the tools to make Nextcloud truly yours in this article.

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Reclaim digital sovereignty with Nextcloud Enterprise

Join us in this webinar about Nextcloud for Enterprise

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