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Europe steps up fight for digital sovereignty, bans 365 and Workspace in more places

For the past several years, Europe has been fighting for its digital sovereignty, and this is escalating as also covered by Tech Crunch. The most well-known names in the software-as-a-service industry – American firms Microsoft and Google – have been growing their business in the European market for a long time thanks to their name […]

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Join our Expert Talk on: How Nextcloud enables Educational institutes to collaborate efficiently

Join our interactive video session with Nextcloud experts Mikaela Schneider, Roxana Bocancea and Fyruz Wahid to learn why many Educational institutes are moving away from Big Tech collaboration platforms like Google Drive and Microsoft 365 to Nextcloud. They discuss the challenges these big platforms offer for educational organizations need and evaluation criteria for selecting collaboration […]

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Open Source Experience Paris, France

Obtenez dès maintenant votre badge gratuit pour le salon Open Source Experience 2022

Avec notre partenaire Arawa, nous participons à la deuxième édition de l'Open Source Experience 2022 et nous vous invitons à une visite gratuite !

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nextcloud social mastodon

Trust in Musk or go federated with Nextcloud Social!

Nextcloud Social offers federated, trusted, big-tech-free social networking to tens of millions of users

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Nextcloud Open Source school in Denmark

Schools in Denmark look toward open-source solutions after DPA bans Google Chromebooks

In the school district or municipality of Helsingør in Denmark, a conflict has arisen over the continuous use of Google Chromebooks despite the ban by the Danish Data Protection Agency (DPA).

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First in Germany again!

Nextcloud participated in the CloudComputing-Insider Awards 2022 and won again the first prize in Germany! IT Awards got votes from over 70 000 readers this year and Nextcloud came out on top, left behind Dropbox, Microsoft and others, and was chosen by the largest community of IT professionals!

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Join our webinar on the Overview of Nextcloud Talk

Learn From Nextcloud Professionals. Our webinar implies having a qualified presenter who can explain Nextcloud features based on their own experience. Join our webinar to learn how Nextcloud can add value to your organization.

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Join our webinar on Nextcloud Hub 3!

Join us on Tuesday,15th November at 16:30 hrs for the fun webinar session on what's new in Nextcloud Hub 3

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Nextcloud Office

Nextcloud Office release solves document compatibility, overhauls knowledge management

We are excited to to introduce a major update of Nextcloud Office! Based on feedback from users and customers, we focused our efforts on user interface, security and document compatibility.

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