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Microsoft slows antitrust case by unbundling Teams

Microsoft attempts to delay antitrust action by separating Teams from Office, hoping to continue to abuse its market dominance while it 'negotiates' with the EU.

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Nextcloud releases Assistant 2.0 and pushes AI-as-a-Service

We bring you a major update to the Nextcloud AI Assistant, plus the news we work with several big hosting providers like IONOS and OVHcloud to bring AI-as-a-Service options to you!

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Announcing T-Systems as a Sponsor at Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2024

We're thrilled to reveal T-Systems, part of Deutsche Telekom and a prominent global IT service provider, as the latest sponsor of Nextcloud Enterprise Day. Join us on April 24, 2024, in Munich, Germany, for this pivotal event.

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Educating Bild: password-protected sharing

The German tabloid Bild featured an article covering the press release published by the German Ministry of Defence about the recent leaks of WebEX calls between army generals. The Bild noted that the password the Ministry of Defence used for the shared Nextcloud link was...

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Nextcloud Forms is here to keep your surveys private

Create customizable surveys with Nextcloud Forms without limitations and privacy concerns. The app ensures secure data processing, unlimited questions and responses, and ultimate privacy.

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Branding and theming Nextcloud Hub

From simple theming to comprehensive enterprise branding, discover the tools to make Nextcloud truly yours in this article.

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Statement: Nextcloud stands for an open and free society

At a time when people are questioning democracy, we want to publicly state our support for democratic values, diversity, openness, and fairness.

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Dropbox handing data to OpenAI: the risks of AI in practice

Dropbox has recently ‘dropped’ a new enabled-by-default feature that has users worried about their data privacy. As almost every company in tech these days, Dropbox is latching onto the new capabilities of AI – specifically OpenAI – with a questionable approach to user privacy. Last...

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Nextcloud Hub 7 release featured image

Nextcloud Hub 7: advanced search and global out-of-office features

Nextcloud functions as a single platform, bridging together all apps under one roof in synchronization. Today, we’re introducing our most integrated platform yet - Nextcloud Hub 7.

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