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Educating Bild: password-protected sharing

The German tabloid Bild featured an article covering the press release published by the German Ministry of Defence about the recent leaks of WebEX calls between army generals. The Bild noted that the password the Ministry of Defence used for the shared Nextcloud link was...

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Nextcloud Talk: Open-Source online video conferencing software

Nextcloud Talk: Open-source online video conferencing software

Nextcloud Talk is an open-source, online video conferencing software that supports your chats, calls, webinars, broadcasting and more.

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Nextcloud 2023 Wrap Up

Nextcloud 2023 Wrap-Up

2023 was special, and so is our wrap-up! Dive into at all the big things we achieved together, news, content highlights, and so much more.

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Release channels

Nextcloud release channels and how to track them

Discover Nextcloud's release channels, how to track them and more to choose the best versioning strategy that fits your needs.

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Keep your data in your school: Use Nextcloud locally in educational settings

Nextcloud is a secure solution for schools, universities and research institutions. Learn more about the features and benefits!

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Serbian government

The Republic of Serbia deploys Nextcloud for compliant, on-premises collaboration

Discover how the Republic of Serbia deployed Nextcloud for its 250 National Assembly deputies for secure and compliant collaboration.

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Digital Sovereignty for Governments with Nextcloud Enterprise

Governments, agencies and public services have the immense responsibility to protect citizen’s data. With the tremendous amount of choices for online collaboration tools hosted by dozens of different vendors, it is hard to keep an overview of where that data is. At the same time,...

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8 innovative AI features to use in a content collaboration platform

Our routine has completely transformed with the arrival of AI-powered content collaboration tools, as many frustrating creative challenges have been successfully tackled. Content generation, chatting, information search, spellchecking, you name it. To keep up with today’s rising quality standards and enjoy the new level of...

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Push notifications

Nextcloud’s push notifications for iOS and Android

What is a push notification? Push notifications are alerts that notify users of a new message or update while an application is in standby or not actively running. At Nextcloud, push notifications are designed to protect users and their data. Since push notifications on your...

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