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MagentaCLOUD feature image

How T-Systems migrated millions of MagentaCLOUD users to Nextcloud

MagentaCLOUD’s migration to Nextcloud in 2021 resulted in a fully equipped Online Storage with an integrated online office suite that further improves the user experience, flexibility and security for customers.

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Nextcloud Calendar, release series

How to set up a meeting effectively in Nextcloud

Learn how to set up a meeting effectively with Nextcloud! Create, share and update meetings in Nextloud Calendar and Mail!

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Amnesty International Spain

How Nextcloud protects confidential data for Amnesty International Spain

Discover how Amnesty International Spain uses Nextcloud to protect its data. Download the case study today!

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4 Nextcloud Hub tools feature image

4 Nextcloud Hub tools to improve business productivity

Discover the 4 key components of the Nextcloud collaboration platform, exploring how they provide organizations enhanced business productivity

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Engineers without Borders

How Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. serves global communities with Nextcloud

How the NGO Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e. V. or Engineers without Borders Germany uses Nextcloud to make a difference around the world.

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Research institutes

Confidentiality and data protection in research institutes

Research institutes produce some of the world’s most valuable data, so how can we ensure it's secure and protected?

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Educating Bild: password-protected sharing

The German tabloid Bild featured an article covering the press release published by the German Ministry of Defence about the recent leaks of WebEX calls between army generals. The Bild noted that the password the Ministry of Defence used for the shared Nextcloud link was...

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Nextcloud Talk: Open-Source online video conferencing software

Nextcloud Talk: Open-source online video conferencing software

Nextcloud Talk is an open-source, online video conferencing software that supports your chats, calls, webinars, broadcasting and more.

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Release channels

Nextcloud release channels and how to track them

Discover Nextcloud's release channels, how to track them and more to choose the best versioning strategy that fits your needs.

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