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Nextcloud Podcast

Nextcloud Podcast: Privacy and Surveillance Law with Max Schrems

Our new Nextcloud Podcast host, Brent Gervais, had the opportunity to sit down with Max Schrems – privacy lawyer and pioneer in the European data privacy movement – to explore some thoughts and ideas that stemmed from Max’s keynote given at the Nextcloud Conference 2023....

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El supervisor de protección de datos de la UE establece el estándar de protección de datos con Nextcloud

El Supervisor Europeo de Protección de Datos desplegó Nextcloud y ahora lo ofrece como plataforma de colaboración conforme a la GDPR a todas las instituciones de la UE.

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Side angle of man typing on laptop with his screen being code.

¡Aprende a desarrollar una sencilla aplicación sólo de interfaz con Nextcloud!

¿Te gustan los gatos? ¿Qué te parece desarrollar una aplicación? Bueno, ¡ya estamos de vuelta con un nuevo tutorial de desarrollo de aplicaciones que incluye gifs de gatos! 😻 Tutorial nº 3: Desarrollar una aplicación sencilla sólo de interfaz Nuestro último tutorial es una guía...

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NYT reports: Google offers no recourse for mistakenly blocked accounts

The possibility of your Google account being blocked forever? It’s more likely than it may seem. And Google will do nothing about it. The story of 2 mistakenly blocked Google accounts As seen in the New York Times article, two individuals from California and Texas...

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Introducing the Nextcloud and Mattermost Integration!

Nextcloud and Mattermost are officially integrated – meaning you can now use both platforms together to share files securely and collaborate more efficiently. The integration makes it possible to share Nextcloud Files to a specific channel in Mattermost. Simply upload a file directly to a...

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Nextcloud App Development Tutorials: 1 step closer to creating an app!

Nextcloud is offering new development tutorials for developers interested in creating their own Nextcloud apps. Learn about our method and how you can get started today!

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Nextcloud Conference 2022

Nextcloud Conference 2022 Program!

We are almost a week away from the Nextcloud Conference and are getting ready to host you at our venue in Berlin! As time is ticking, we would like to present you with an overview of the program for the weekend. From our keynote speakers...

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