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Engineers without Borders

How Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. serves global communities with Nextcloud

How the NGO Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e. V. or Engineers without Borders Germany uses Nextcloud to make a difference around the world.

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OVHcloud at Enterprise Day

OVHcloud and Nextcloud’s commitment to customers: data that stays your data

OVHcloud and Nextcloud are bound by a strong partnership in sovereign cloud collaboration. Join us at Nextcloud Enterprise Day!

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Enterprise Day 2024 sponsor announcement: plusserver

Join us at Nextcloud Enterprise Day on April 24 in Munich and meet our sponsor, plusserver. Discover how they embody the pinnacle of 'cloud Made in Germany' with their commitment to data sovereignty and secure workplace solutions.

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Roundcube project joins Nextcloud family

Open source email pioneer Roundcube joins the Nextcloud family

Becoming a new steward for Roundcube, Nextcloud sets sail to foster the growth and improvement of the project.

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Nextcloud Podcast

Nextcloud Podcast: Privacy and Surveillance Law with Max Schrems

Our new Nextcloud Podcast host, Brent Gervais, had the opportunity to sit down with Max Schrems – privacy lawyer and pioneer in the European data privacy movement – to explore some thoughts and ideas that stemmed from Max’s keynote given at the Nextcloud Conference 2023....

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NYT reports: Google offers no recourse for mistakenly blocked accounts

The possibility of your Google account being blocked forever? It’s more likely than it may seem. And Google will do nothing about it. The story of 2 mistakenly blocked Google accounts As seen in the New York Times article, two individuals from California and Texas...

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