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Jamaica Data Privacy Act

Jamaica looks to Nextcloud ahead of the Data Protection Act

Starting December 1st, 2023, Jamaican businesses will be officially held liable for privacy violations under the Data Protection Act. Passed in June 2020, the Data Protection Act provides guidelines on how personal data should be handled in physical or electronic form. All businesses that manage customer data must familiarize themselves with the rules of this […]

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Nextcloud introduces Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities with ICAP support

Data Loss Prevention, or DLP, is an essential security tool for any business or organization. Since you never know when you may be at risk of a data breach, it’s important to adopt some form of DLP. A typical example are anti-virus scanners. Thanks to the new ICAP support, Nextcloud can now be made to […]

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German state & Nextcloud build digitally sovereign AI for public sector

As part of Schleswig-Holstein's state digitization strategy, the state chancellery has announced they will work with Nextcloud to develop AI for working with government documents. This comes just after we announced the first private AI assistant last weekend with Hub 6. The German state already uses Nextcloud and their AI strategy aligns with our work on ethical, local AI technologies.

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Nextcloud’s exhibiting at international events in October 2023

Nextcloud is on an international tour spreading the word of Nextcloud Hub 6 this October! Go to any of the following events to: Whether you’re in Germany, Italy, Latvia, Singapore or the UAE, we’re ready to share the latest of what Nextcloud has to offer nearest you. Open Source Week (OSW23) October 3-5, Rome, Italy […]

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Nextcloud conference

Recap del secondo giorno della Conferenza Nextcloud 2023

In questo modo, la Conferenza Nextcloud si è conclusa. È stato un fine settimana emozionante e non vediamo l’ora di condividerlo con lei! Oggi è stato il secondo e ultimo giorno della conferenza e ci auguriamo che sia stata una grande esperienza per tutti i partecipanti. Se se l’è perso, si accomodi e si rilassi […]

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Nextcloud Conference panel

Fiducia, trasparenza, insieme: I punti salienti del primo giorno della Conferenza Nextcloud

Dopo un’intera giornata di conferenze, interventi e discussioni, il primo giorno della Conferenza Nextcloud è terminato! Grazie a tutti coloro che sono venuti qui da vicino o da lontano e ci auguriamo di vedervi domani per il Giorno 2! Se se l’è perso o vuole un riassunto, continui a leggere! Il motto della Conferenza Nextcloud […]

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Simon Phipps

Learn more about Keynote Speaker Simon Phipps!

Simon Phipps is one of our keynote speakers at the upcoming Nextcloud Conference. Simon is a web and open source advocate often writing about key topics in Free and Open Source Software or FOSS. Today, we’ve asked him a few questions: Simon, you’ve done hard core development, management, legal and arguably philosophical writing and if […]

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Virtual collaboration just got easier with Pexip and Nextcloud

Nextcloud and Pexip join forces to offer on-premises and cloud services for online collaboration and secure video conferencing.

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Max Schrems

Nextcloud Conference 2023 keynote speaker: Max Schrems

We are pleased to announce that privacy activist and lawyer, Max Schrems, will be giving a keynote at this year’s conference! Max Schrems is a pioneer in the European data privacy movement, most well known for his lawsuits on the Safe Harbor agreement (Schrems I) and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield (Schrems II). He’s also the […]

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