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Nextcloud Forms is here to keep your surveys private

Create customizable surveys with Nextcloud Forms without limitations and privacy concerns. The app ensures secure data processing, unlimited questions and responses, and ultimate privacy.

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Branding and theming Nextcloud Hub

From simple theming to comprehensive enterprise branding, discover the tools to make Nextcloud truly yours in this article.

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Statement: Nextcloud stands for an open and free society

At a time when people are questioning democracy, we want to publicly state our support for democratic values, diversity, openness, and fairness.

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Dropbox handing data to OpenAI: the risks of AI in practice

Dropbox has recently ‘dropped’ a new enabled-by-default feature that has users worried about their data privacy. As almost every company in tech these days, Dropbox is latching onto the new capabilities of AI – specifically OpenAI – with a questionable approach to user privacy. Last...

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Nextcloud Hub 7 release featured image

Nextcloud Hub 7: advanced search and global out-of-office features

Nextcloud functions as a single platform, bridging together all apps under one roof in synchronization. Today, we’re introducing our most integrated platform yet - Nextcloud Hub 7.

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Nextcloud security statement

Security statement on ownCloud breach

The serious security flaws in ownCloud (now owned by Kiteworks) do NOT affect Nextcloud. We have strict security processes in place, and do not ship test data from libraries that can cause security breaches.

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Owncloud Nextcloud Kiteworks migration tools

Kiteworks acquires ownCloud & Dracoon

Today, US-based file sync & share vendor Kiteworks announced their acquisition of ownCloud and Dracoon. Kiteworks points out that their customers now have access to their file-sharing application. It is to be expected they will not maintain 3 similar products, but customers will have to...

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Meet the first open-source AI assistant that doesn't prey on your data

Meet the first open-source AI assistant that doesn’t prey on your data

The first ethical, open-source AI assistant that can get a multitude of tasks done for you without compromising your data.

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Jamaica Data Privacy Act

Jamaica looks to Nextcloud ahead of the Data Protection Act

Starting December 1st, 2023, Jamaican businesses will be officially held liable for privacy violations under the Data Protection Act. Passed in June 2020, the Data Protection Act provides guidelines on how personal data should be handled in physical or electronic form. All businesses that manage...

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