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Open source cloud collaboration is our passion at Nextcloud GmbH and we have built a great team of experts around it. Our engineers, designers and support professionals work as an integral part of the wider Nextcloud community to give customers direct access to the most advanced, in-depth knowledge they need for their success.


Frank Karlitschek

Chief Executive Officer
Founder | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Frank founded the ownCloud project in 2010 to put home users and enterprises back in control of their data. To bring file sync and share technology to the next level and better align to the needs of users and customers he founded Nextcloud in 2016 and has been tirelessly working to realize his vision ever since.

Andreas Rode

Chief Commercial Officer
Sales and Partnerships | Lives in Hannover, Germany

Andreas studied Economics and has 20 years experience in Business Development, Partner- and Sales Management. Andreas worked for companies like Oracle, EMC, Yahoo and Google and also for start ups in the Cloud Computing and Online Marketing space.

Oliver Blind-Galties

Sales Director
Sales team | Lives in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Oliver has a degree in technical economics and 16 years of experience in the IT/Software industry, in different roles ranging from Sales, to Project Management, Product Owner as well as Service and Managing Director and in different verticals as well: HR IT, logistics IT and eCommerce.

Jos Poortvliet

Director Marketing
Co-founder, Marketing and Communication | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Jos graduated in Psychology from the University of Utrecht and handled project and service level management at Royal Bank of Scottland, KPN and the Dutch Department of Education. He has over a decade open source marketing and PR experience, being active in the KDE community for over a decade and working as Community Manager for several companies including SUSE Linux.

Andy Scherzinger

Director Engineering
Software engineering and delivery | Lives in Frankfurt, Germany

Andy graduated in Applied Business in Computer Science and has more than 15 years of experience in delivering custom software solutions and IT consulting to customers. He worked for companies like msg systems and Capgemini supporting enterprises and startups in various industries like telecommunication, travel, logistics and finance with a focus on building software-systems, -platforms and -factories.

Patrick Walther

Head of Finance
Accounting and finance | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Patrick was co-founder of struktur AG in 2000, responsible for sales and finance. He held several sales and marketing positions at IBM and Oracle, adding up to more than two decades of experience in the IT industry.

Dietlinde Lutsch

Head of Human Resources
Talent management | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Dietlinde has degrees in Public Management and Business Administration and has been working for over a decade in human resources with a focus on recruitment in the UK and in Germany. She is passionate about supporting Nextclouds´ biggest asset – our people, and about bringing new talents into our team.

Account management

Vanessa Steeg

Account Management team lead
Sales and project management | Lives in Dresden, Germany

Vanessa's experience ranges from project management and sales to graphic design, legal, marketing and communication.

Fabian Liedtke

Sales manager DACH
Sales and Partnerships | Lives in Hamburg, Germany

Fabian worked for various industries always close to the customer and has been in the IT industry now for several years with a focus on customer relationship management. He is passionate about innovative and new technologies and his primary goal is to help our customers to fulfill their vision.

Fyruz Binte Wahid

Account manager
Sales | Lives in Heilbronn, Germany

Fyruz did her post-graduate in International Business & Intercultural Management at the University of Heilbronn. She worked as key account manager in various IT startups and is driven to help the customers with the best suited solution.

Benoit Penicaut

Senior Key Account Manager
Sales and Partnerships | Toulouse, France

Benoit holds an International Business degree from the University of Alberta, Southampton Solent University, and Montpellier Business School. Benoit has over 15 years of experience in Sales Management and worked as a Project Deployment Lead at companies such as Airbus.

Cristina Nagavciuc

Account manager
Sales | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Cristina lives in Stuttgart and has a background in business development, mostly in the SaaS industry. Her primary focus was customer success and lead generation but she has experience in marketing as well. She is fond of modern tech and tries to bring it closer to organisations in order to streamline their business.

Bilgin Semiz

Senior Key account manager
Sales team | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Bilgin has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Business Development. His determination, creativity and passion for business set him up for success in top global technology companies like Microsoft and Apple where he's grown teams, developed integral solutions and adapted to constantly changing situations and environments.

Nico Kossuch

Senior Partner Manager
Sales and partnerships | Lives in Unna, Germany

Nico is a certified Networking Specialist (CNS) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) with over 20 years account management experience in the communications and VoIP sector.

Viktoria Elvert

Senior key account manager
Sales and Account Management | Lives in Karlsruhe, Germany

Viktoria studied business administration and learned Spanish living in Mexico for a while. She has over 7 years of sales experience and has a strong focus on finding the perfect fit for the needs of the customer.

Aaron Martin

Account manager
Sales team | Lives in Cardiff, Wales, UK

Aaron has a degree in Business and Management from Swansea University and 4 years sales experience in the compliance industry, helping clients satisfy government regulations. He is passionate about ensuring that our clients have the most streamlined and efficient solution possible and enjoys surfing in his leisure time.

Edeltraut Bobb

Account manager
Business administration | Lives in Hawaii, USA

Edeltraut studied business administration and has over 13 years experience in domestic, international sales and the open source community. She believes customer satisfaction is based on bringing great customer service, delivered by a caring and friendly person, promptly, with the support of a practical problem-solving process. Edeltraut provides excellent administrative support to our sales team and to any busy sales operation.

Markus Windecker

Senior Partner Manager
Sales and partnerships | Lives in Altensteig, Germany

Markus has over 19 years experience as Account and Partner manager at HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Aruba.

Sales engineering

Marcel Scherello

Sales Engineer
Consulting and Sales | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Marcel has over 20 years of international project experience in Asia, North America and Europe, focusing on business warehouse as well as application and service management for large SAP implementations. He prioritizes customer satisfaction, reliability, and scalability. As the owner of Audioplayer and Analytics, Marcel is also a longstanding member of the Nextcloud community.

Björn Schießle

PreSales Lead
Co-founder, Consulting and Sales | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Björn is a computer scientist, graduated at the University of Stuttgart. He conducted research in the area of cloud robotics before he joined a private cloud community project in 2012 and later co-founded Nextcloud. Björn has a deep knowledge about all technical and legal aspects of Free and Open Source Software. After working for several years as a software engineer he became a sales engineer, using his in-depth knowledge to provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

João Cortez

Sales Engineer
Sales and Customer Relationships | Lives in Taubaté - Brazil

João has been working since 1997 with infrastructure. His main expertise is in Unix (IBM AIX/Solaris/HP-UX) and Linux. He's happy in physical, virtual and cloud environments and has experience with global companies and in the banking sector.

Sebastian Möbus

Sales Engineer
Presales | Wiesbaden, Germany

Sebastian studied computer science at the university of applied sciences in Wiesbaden. He is Prince2 and Itil3 certified and has over 14 years experience in consulting and technical pre-sales under his belt, designing customized solutions in the area of business software and cloud services. He has a wide range of interests with a main focus on IT in everyday life like home automation and is passionate about pool billiards

Maxime Le Héricy

Sales Engineer
Sales and Customer Relationships | Lives in Nantes area, France

Maxime holds a general engineering master degree. He started his career as a process engineer in the industry, before shifting to IT. He aims to provide his customers with secure, quality and highly-reliable systems or products, in an efficient way. A good listener and interested in complex problem solving, Maxime is dedicated to help customers succeed in their projects.

Pietro Marini

Senior Sales Engineer
Consulting and Sales | Lives in La Coruña, Spain

After graduating in Physics in 2011 at University of Pavia, Italy, Pietro has been working as a developer and consultant in the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics sector for many companies across Europe and is now settled in Galicia, Spain. Customer-oriented, self-learner and with a passion in open-source software engineering, Pietro enjoys teaming up with customers to solve complex technical challenges. He also tries to help the general public in forming opinions on the impacts of technology in their life, by spreading concepts and trends around big data, machine learning and the digital economy.


Alba Mayoral

Regional Marketing Manager
Marketing and Communication | Lives in Munich, Germany

Alba has more than 10 years of experience in the creation and development of communication and marketing strategies. Her passion for building a better place to live leads her to enjoy what she does and take it as a mission. For the last 5 years she has been mentoring recent university graduates and conducts workshops related with leadership and branding. She is committed to creativity and empathy as a key part of her work.

Peter Mocanu

Web Designer
Web design and graphics | Lives in Wolnzach, Germany

Peter is a passionate web and graphic designer, with a special focus on WordPress and great attention to details like responsive design and SEO. He is responsible for maintaining, updating and optimizing our website. In his free time he loves travelling, discovering new things and cultivating new hobbies such as photography.

Marija Puselja

Branding and PR Team Lead
PR and design | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Marija hold’s a master's degree in Journalism and Public Relations. She mostly finds her inspiration in the strength of visual delivery of information through photography, as much as she admires the creativity of witty and intelligent writing and finally, a well-executed layout and design.

Sébastien Ramombordes

Marketing Manager France
Marketing | Lives in Mimizan, France

Sébastien is responsible for our Marketing in French language regions. After studying film making and international business, Sébastien obtained a Master's degree in Business Management. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing in various sectors ranging from IT to electronic components in France and abroad.

Fabrice Mous

Marketing Manager
Lead generation and SEO | lives in Houten, Netherland

Fabrice started his career at Dutch central government where he helped executing the Dutch policy for open standards and open source software. Later on Fabrice worked as a sales consultant, manager and entrepreneur in several domains. He developed a profound love for marketing, automation and search engine marketing and worked as a digital marketing specialist on marketing automation and inbound marketing projects.

Neha Mishra

Marketing manager
Lead geneneration | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

With an MBA from Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Neha has over half a decade experience in sales and marketing roles in SaaS and healthcare. She is passionate about developing and implementing marketing strategies and working with customers.

Marius Quabeck

Audio/video editor
Photography, UI graphics and video | Lives in Gelting, Germany

Marius has been working as an IT Consultant for many big IT companies and startups.
He is also a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, streamer and manages audio and video productions at Nextcloud.

Mikaela Schneider

Content marketing
Stories and writing | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Mikaela has a master's degree in Global Business and much experience in writing and marketing in the IT sector. Originally from the USA, she's been living on and off in Europe since 2016 due to her love for traveling and discovering new cultures. She completed an internship in Germany at TeamViewer as a CMS & Translation intern.

Back office

Alexandra Boehm

Accounting and finance | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Experienced Accountant and Office Manager with a long history of working in the computer software industry.

Engineering and support

Christoph Wurst

Groupware Team Lead
Front-end, Two-factor Authentication and Mail | Lives in Hadres, Austria

Christoph has been working on the Nextcloud code base since 2014. He has a master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Daphne Muller

Manager alliances, ecosystem & support
Customer satisfaction and process coordination Lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Daphne graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology and gained work experience in consultancy, teaching, and various tech start-ups. She conducts academic research in Human-Computer Interaction about privacy and data minimisation. As support lead, she evolves the support process to improve customer and developer happiness.

Jan C. Borchardt

Design Team Lead
Co-founder, Simplicity & Ease of Use | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Jan-Christoph is responsible for design on Nextcloud with a decade of experience in the project. He pushes forward better design in open source through founding and contributing to several projects, giving talks, working with universities, and fostering the Open Source Design collective.

Joas Schilling

Talk Team Lead
Co-founder, Security, Server and Talk | lives near Stuttgart, Germany

Joas has been involved in open source since 2006, being a core member of the phpBB™ developer team and has been working on Nextcloud code since late 2013. He graduated from the University of Stuttgart and is the Team Lead of Nextcloud's WebRTC chat and video solution Nextcloud Talk.

Julius Härtl

Office Team Lead
Office and productivity | Lives in Würzburg, Germany

Julius is involved in the Nextcloud community since the beginning, working on frontend and backend development of the server and apps like Deck. He is currently doing his master's degree in computer science at the University of Würzburg.

Tobias Kaminsky

Client lead
Android Client | Lives in Langen, Germany

Tobias studied Sports and Computer Science in Darmstadt, is an experienced Java/Scala engineer and has a background in database development at a research institute for applied training science. He has been contributing to the Android app since 2013.

Alex Zolotov

Software Engineer
Desktop Client | Brovary, Ukraine

Alex has a master's degree in computer science. He worked in the gaming industry on well-known game franchises doing C++ and ActionScript but also freelanced while traveling through South East Asia in a variety of front-end and back-end work with JS, and even more with C++ and Qt. He's into cyberpunk and 80's heavy metal.

Anna Larch

Software Engineer
Groupware | Innsbruck, Austria

Anna gained her BSc at University of Central Lancashire and worked for a few companies, most recently Barracuda.

Arthur Schiwon

Software Engineer
Co-founder, LDAP and Comments | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Arthur Schiwon has been working on the Nextcloud code base since 2010, developing state of the art user management and directory support. Before he has been SEO project manager at construktiv and was active in the Kubuntu community, still being a Free and Open Source Software enthusiast and privacy activist.

Barthélémy Briand

Software Engineer
Server, contacts, front-end and accessibility | Lives in France

Barthélémy is a software engineer specialized in front-end development. He cares about simplicity and ease of use and likes to create a smooth user experience for everyone. He has been part of the contacts and design team since 2016.

Brian Krause

Support Engineer
Spreed.ME, Customer Service | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Brian has a degree as IT-Systemkaufmann, decades of professional experience in IT Customer Service, Support and Sales and joined Struktur AG in 2010 as Customer Care representative. As first contact person for Nextcloud, Struktur AG and Spreed he makes sure you get the best possible support.

Camila San Martin Ayres

Software Engineer
Desktop client | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Camila is from Brazil and has worked as front-end developer, with C#, Java and even Delphi. She got into open source doing C++/Qt development in the KDE community. After moving to Germany she worked with PHP, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Go and Drupal 7. She's now a desktop client developer at Nextcloud but just might do other things than C++ sometimes.

Christopher Ng

Support Engineer
Front-end and back-end | Lives in Vancouver, Canada

Christopher is a software engineer who works across front-end and back-end technologies and enjoys dabbling in DevOps from time to time. He is a Canadian, an advocate of the open source software movement, and has a passion for lifelong learning.

Claudio Cambra

Software Engineer
Desktop client | Lives in Málaga, Spain

Claudio is a KDE contributor with a Bachelor's degree in History and Master's degree in Digital Humanities from UCL, now studying a Master's in Computer Science from Peking University. In KDE he maintains the new Kalendar app and helps with documentation for Kirigami.

Côme Chilliet

Software Engineer
Server, LDAP | Lives in Lyon, France

Côme is a back-end developer and Free Software lover and user. He has been working on PHP server code for more than 8 years. He is the official maintainer of the PHP LDAP module because no one else on earth wanted to do it.

Daniel Calviño Sánchez

Software Engineer
Talk, front-end | Lives in Oviedo, Spain

Daniel has a master's degree in Computer Engineering. He has been developing all kind of free software projects for several years, including KDE applications, web applications, low-level Android components and even Linux kernel drivers, and now he is applying his experience and passion for free software in the front-end and testing areas of Nextcloud.

Daniel Kesselberg

Software Engineer
Groupware and Server | lives near Darmstadt, Germany

Daniel has been contributing to Nextcloud for several years and worked as a software engineer for much longer.

Greta Doçi

Software Engineer
Front-end | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Greta has finished her master studies in University of Tirana for Information and Communication Technology. She is an Albanian long-time Wikipedia contributor and Nextcloud advocate. She joined our front-end developer team after completing a joint internship with Wikimedia Deutschland and Nextcloud.

Ivan Sein

Software Engineer
Talk and iOS | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Ivan graduated as CS engineer from the University of the Basque Country and is involved in Nextcloud Talk development since the beginning. He is also the principal author and maintainer of the Nextcloud Talk iOS app.

Joachim Bauch

Software Engineer
WebRTC, Realtime Streaming, Telephony Interfacing Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Joachim graduated computer science in Stuttgart and has been committing to various open source projects for a long time, including Google's WebRTC project and was core developer for the Red5 streaming server between 2005 and 2008.

Jonas Meurer

Software Engineer
Office Team and Collectives app | Lives in Germany

Jonas is a full stack developer with focus on PHP and Javascript. He's one of the authors of the Nextcloud Collectives app.

Julia Kirschenheuter

Software Engineer
Groupware | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Julia studied Graphic Design in St. Petersburg and finished her master studies in Hochschule der Media in Stuttgart for audiovisual media. She loves software development and new technologies and has an open mind and a passion for our society.

Julien Veyssier

Software Engineer
Office, full stack/app developer | Lives in Montpellier, France

Julien has a master's degree in computer science and does public research for 10 years as scientific computing engineer in biology and geographical data processing. He loves interactive maps, collaborative tools, and is passionate about the Free Software movement. He started contributing to the Nextcloud code base in 2015 and has developed 6 apps since then. He has much experience in data processing and computing optimization.

Louis Chemineau

Software Engineer
Server and front-end | Lives in Lauris, France

Louis is a software engineer with a passion for new technologies and how they shape our society. He focuses his work on empowering citizens with and towards new technologies. One of the ways he does that is with flap which helps people self-host services like Nextcloud. Also, he is into climbing!

Luka Trovic

Software Engineer
Office, full stack | Lives in Raska, Serbia

Luka is a full stack developer specialized in JavaScript and PHP. He has over 8 years of professional experience with software development.

Marcel Hibbe

Software Engineer
Android Talk app | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Marcel has a master's degree in Geoinformation and Visualization at University of Potsdam and has been developing mapping web applications, working on routing and navigation related topics.

Matthieu Gallien

Software Engineer
Desktop client | Lives in Chambéry, France

Matthieu is a passionate software engineer with over a decade of experience in the software industry, especially in the embedded software area. He is part of the team responsible for the desktop client and developing the open source Elisa music player in his free time in the KDE community.

Marcel Klehr

Software Engineer
Office | Lives in Osnabrück, Germany

Marcel has been tinkering with computers since he was a teenager. He gained a Cognitive Science degree (involving Computer science, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics) and is interested in Machine learning, music production and photography. He's been contributing to Nextcloud for many years.

Marco Ambrosini

Software Engineer
Talk, frontend and design | Lives in Barcelona, Spain

Marco is a front end developer that cares deeply about design and user experience. He is part of the talk and design teams.

Marino Faggiana

Software Engineer
Apple iOS developer | Lives in Vicenza, Italy

Marino studied telecommunications in Vicenza. While studing engineering at Padua University he founded software company T.W.S. He is the principal author of Crypto Cloud, a popular iOS application which became the base for the Nextcloud iOS app. He is fond of microelectronics, telecommunications and information technology.

Max Wiehle

Software Engineer
Office, full stack / app developer | Lives in Germany

Max graduated in Physics in 2007 and has been working on free software projects ever since. He cares deeply about empowering community projects and social movements through usable tools fitting their needs. Within Nextcloud he's focusing on making collaboration as smooth as possible.

Maxence Lange

Software Engineer
Server, full text search | Lives in Santa Maria, Cape Verde

Maxence has extensive experience in PHP and Java/android development as well as database and network management. He is the principal author and maintainer of the Nextcloud full-text search apps and Circles.

Nimisha Vijay

User experience and Interface design | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Nimisha is a user experience designer originally from India. She has a degree in engineering and has been contributing to Nextcloud design since late 2020. She is interested in the relationship we have with technology and the role of design in shaping it, and is passionate about ethical, democratic, and open-source software.

Robin Appelman

Software Engineer
Co-founder, server, filesystem and scalability Lives in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Robin studied computer science and is highly experienced in scaling file storage and handling systems. He has been working on Nextcloud code since its earliest incarnation in 2010 and has, at one point or another, touched code in every corner.

Richard Steinmetz

Software Engineer
Groupware | Lives in Dresden, Germany

Richard studies computer science and has been contributing since late 2020 to Nextcloud. He's passionate about open source and technology in general.

Simon Lindner

Design Student
Server, UX and interface design | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Simon is currently studying design and works part time for Nextcloud. He has a degree in architecture and has been contributing to Nextcloud since 2019. He is interested in making Nextcloud and open-source software in general accessible to everyone and has experience in ticket triaging, Shell scripting, writing documentation, VMs and server administration.

Florian Steffens

Software Engineer
Office Team | Lives near Kiel

Florian lives near Kiel in the north of Germany and has a master in Business Information and Communication Systems. He worked in IT security management for one of the largest data centres in Germany and is an expert on human interfaces for complex structured data. Moreover he is the founder of the Nextcloud Tables App.

Hamza Mahjoubi

Software developer
Groupware team

Hamza is finishing his bachelor's in computer science at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest with a state scholarship. He worked in educational technology for Instructure as a full-stack web developer and contributed to Forms App as part of his thesis.

Alexander Piskun

Software Engineer
Integrations Team | Lives in Sudak, Ukraine

Alexander has a master's degree in computer science and has worked in the field of cybersecurity, developing optimized software for Windows and Linux. Geek, gamer, lover of the Python community and open-source code.

Maksim Sukharev

Software Engineer
Talk Team | Lives in Stuttgart, Germany

Maksim is an oilfield engineer who graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic University and has since become a software developer with a passion for creating beautiful websites and applications. He is interested in taking on challenging and innovative projects. In his free time, Maksim enjoys snowboarding and exploring new trails on the slopes.

Milen Pivchev

Software Engineer
Clients Team | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Milen completed his degree in Information and Communication Technology in Denmark. He has worked in Android development as well as in iOS development and enjoys gaming, books and tech. He would love to learn archery some day.

Andrey Borysenko

Software Engineer
Integrations Team | Lives in Odessa, Ukraine

Andrey is a software engineering student and into web development. He has contributed to Nextcloud as an open-source apps developer. Andrey enjoys learning and testing basics of different popular technologies and frameworks, and is interested in bots development.

Kate Döen

Software Engineering working student
Talk Team | Lives in Aachen, Germany

Kate works on documenting the OCS APIs as well as automating documentation tasks to make the documentation machine and human readable. She studies Applied Geography at RWTH Aachen and develops her own Nextcloud client in her free time.

Marcel Müller

Software Engineer
Talk Team | Lives near Marburg, Germany

Marcel has a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Marburg. Open source has always been close to Marcels heart and he has been contributing to the iOS app of Nextcloud Talk for a few years before joining Nextcloud and becoming a member of the talk team.

Johannes Merkel

Software Engineer
Groupware Team | Lives in Berlin, Germany

Johannes studies Media Informatics in Leipzig and does his internship as an engineer with us. He is a political cyclist, wanting to move society forward and contribute his values and visions for the future. Johannes loves trying to break down complexity and solve intricate riddles.

Philipp Hempel

Software Engineer
Office Team | Lives in Darmstadt, Germany

Philipp completed Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences and he is now studying for his Master´s degree in Computers Sciences at the TU Darmstadt.
He has a strog interest in agile development as well as in teaching. Philipp is keen on pulling together everyone in the team.