Maintenance updates are ready for Nextcloud Hub 6, 7 and 8

Please update to a new version to keep your data safe!

If you are using Nextcloud Hub 6, 7 or 8, we strongly recommend you to update to version 27.1.10, 28.0.6 or 29.0.1 respectively. Maintenance updates include important bug fixes, stability and security upgrades. It is a quick and safe process, as always!

About this update

The updates include several bug fixes, performance optimization, and other improvements in all supported Nextcloud versions. You can find the full changelog on our website.

Updates are available for:

  • Nextcloud Hub 6 (version 27.1.10)
  • Nextcloud Hub 7 (version 28.0.6)
  • Nextcloud Hub 8 (version 29.0.1)

Make the most of your platform with Nextcloud Hub 8 🚀

Even more automated and optimized all around, Nextcloud Hub 8 is here to give you back control over your time. Upgrade today to unlock multiple new features in your favourite platform:

  • Nextcloud Assistant: Chat summaries, Nextcloud Mail reply suggestions, answers based on your data, and more!
  • Interactive previews for files, folders, boards and events
  • Federated chat and message editing in Talk
  • Mini-apps based on Tables
  • Public Collectives sharing, previews and QR-codes
  • Manage your team resources like a pro with Nextcloud Teams
  • Forms: automatically sync with a spreadsheet
  • And much more
Nextcloud - Get Nextcloud Hub 8

Get Nextcloud Hub 8

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Always keep your server up to date!

Nextcloud’s minor releases primarily focus on addressing security vulnerabilities and functionality bugs, avoiding major system overhauls that could jeopardize user data. Keeping your server up to date is vital, and our approach to testing and validation ensures that upgrading to minor releases is generally smooth and reliable.

For mission-critical Nextcloud systems in enterprise settings, consider switching to Nextcloud Enterprise. The tier provides you with ultimate deployment confidence: direct access to the Nextcloud engineering team, full assistance throughout deployment and integration, and peace of mind for system administrators. If you’re responsible for maintaining Nextcloud in your setting, this option may be the ideal solution for you.