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Ethical use of AI: the five challenges - Nextcloud

Ethical use of AI: 5 major challenges

Discover the challenges of the ethical use of AI and find out how to employ AI tools without risking your privacy,  compliance, and sustainability.

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Nextcloud releases Assistant 2.0 and pushes AI-as-a-Service

We bring you a major update to the Nextcloud AI Assistant, plus the news we work with several big hosting providers like IONOS and OVHcloud to bring AI-as-a-Service options to you!

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Dropbox handing data to OpenAI: the risks of AI in practice

Dropbox has recently ‘dropped’ a new enabled-by-default feature that has users worried about their data privacy. As almost every company in tech these days, Dropbox is latching onto the new capabilities of AI – specifically OpenAI – with a questionable approach to user privacy. Last...

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AI in Nextcloud: what, why and how

Over the last year, AI has become a popular topic. Some is hype, some is substance. Some is good, some is bad. We want to give you the good, not the bad, and ignore the hype! AI has a ton of opportunity – but also...

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