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Nextcloud and CISCO introduce integration with Webex

Nextcloud today introduces an embedded app in the Webex App Hub. The application allows Webex users to view and edit documents on a Nextcloud instance.

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Person looking at a screen with Nextcloud and NUITEQ

Nextcloud integrates NUITEQ Stage, enterprise-ready whiteboard

Today we announce that NUITEQ and Nextcloud are integrating NUITEQ Stage into Nextcloud. This allows users to collaborate on a white board during video calls.

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OpenProject and Nextcloud integrate project management and file management

OpenProject and Nextcloud announced a collaboration last year and today, we're happy to share some info on the progress we've made. Our goal was to improve the productivity of users of both our platforms, and a number of integrations was done.

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Interview: Shadow and a world where 5 companies own all data

Shadow, famous for their high-end cloud PC product, is building a collaboration platform on top of Nextcloud. They aim to release their Shadow Drive to early access users this month, and interviewed our CEO Frank Karlitschek to discuss why Nextcloud and Shadow Drive fit together.

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GDPR compliant collaboration coming to 750K students and teachers in Sweden

European researchers are up to date with modern cloud storage solutions, however struggle to find one that is safe, secure, and that meets compliance standards. Sunet, a Swedish company, found a solution to providing a GDPR compliant service through their provider Safespring. Today, we can introduce to you Sunet Drive: A managed storage solution installed […]

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City of Geneva case study

City of Geneva: Deploying Nextcloud to achieve Digital sovereignty

What comes with being one of the world’s most influential cities, comes big responsibility. The City of Geneva is not only home to the United Nations, Red Cross, and CERN, but is responsible for the well-being of its citizens and for maintaining a prosperous society. Due to its influence and global prominence, it is without […]

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Nextcloud partners up with Redpill Linpro, focusing on digital solutions and collaboration tools!

Meet Redpill Linpro The Open Source specialist and digital societies builder Redpill Linpro contributes to the sustainable development of societies by helping companies increase their competitiveness and making digital citizen-centric services even better for more people. With open source, its deep technical knowledge and extensive experience across the private and public sectors, Redpill Linpro helps […]

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Nextcloud podcast

Interview with Galina Goduhina, Head of Sales and Partner Relations at ONLYOFFICE

In this last, December episode in 2021, our host Ingo talked with Galina Goduhina, Head of Sales and Partner Relations at ONLYOFFICE. Galina talks about the early days and the history, explains what ONLYOFFICE is with all its capabilities and functionalities and different editions, and the important advantages with millions of users worldwide in various […]

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15K teachers in Luxembourg start using Nextcloud

The Centre de gestion informatique de l’éducation, the IT resource management administration of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth in Luxembourg, is in charge of preparing and implementing the government’s policy in the areas of education, children and youth. In 2020, the CGIE launched a Nextcloud service to provide about 15000 teachers and […]

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