Enterprise Day 2024 sponsor announcement: OVHcloud

Nextcloud Enterprise Day sponsor announcemement OVHcloud

Welcome the first sponsor of Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2024OVHcloud. By becoming a supporter of the Enterprise Day, OVHcloud reinforces its position as a provider that values privacy, security, and open-source standards, offering solutions that empower organizations to maintain control over their data while leveraging the benefits of cloud technology.

The 2024 edition of Enterprise Day takes place on April 24 in Munich, Germany. Register today at a limited special rate.

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About OVHcloud

OVHcloud, a global cloud provider, offers scalable and flexible web hosting, server, private and public cloud solutions for businesses, developers, and individuals. With a commitment to data autonomy and transparency, OVHcloud enables efficient IT infrastructure management while advocating for privacy and innovation.

OVHcloud’s dedication to digital sovereignty reflects in their approach to data protection and privacy. They ensure that the infrastructure and services comply with local and international data regulations, which is crucial for clients concerned with data jurisdiction and sovereignty, especially in sectors like public services and healthcare.

We are honored to have OVHcloud as a returning sponsor of the Nextcloud Enterprise Day.

About Nextcloud Enterprise Day

Nextcloud Enterprise Day brings together the leaders and decision makers in the enterprise IT landscape. For one day, it provides a platform to foster innovation, exchange experience, and present unique stories behind Nextcloud implementation in various industries.

The agenda encompasses exclusive talks and workshops. Topics include digital sovereignty, the future of AI in business, building a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure, and more.

The April 2024 edition comes to Munich, a city in the heart of Bavaria famous for it’s unique mix of urban ambition, modernity and historical legacy.

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