Migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud

Given recent developments like the sale of ownCloud to a US tech company and its security challenges, many users are looking to move over to a more reliable collaboration platform.

The shift from ownCloud to Nextcloud Hub provides you with a richer experience and is a strategic choice for the future, ensuring you remain in control over your data.

Nextcloud Hub is built upon a strong foundation of file sync and sharing capabilities and can be expanded to more extensive functionalities. These help organizations take advantage of new opportunities like AI, real-time communication, and remote work.

With a migration to another collaboration solution, users can typically expect to ‘gain some, lose some’, making migration an unpleasant, often disruptive endeavor. But a key benefit one gets when migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud is that Nextcloud offers a true super-set of features, enabling users to keep all the capabilities they are used to, while gaining new features. A true win-win!

Nextcloud Hub addresses the evolving needs of modern enterprises with a unified platform to enhance collaboration and simplify document management.

Migration process

Feel free to reach out to the Nextcloud team for guidance and support during your migration journey. With extensive experience in the ownCloud migration process, the Nextcloud team can assist you. We also have a tailored offering for ownCloud users looking to migrate.

Migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud involves transferring your ownCloud settings to Nextcloud. Internal and public shares, user settings, app configurations, LDAP, external storage settings, and more will be retained.

However, settings from proprietary ownCloud extensions with open-source replacements in Nextcloud may require reconfiguration. Apps needing reconfiguration include:

  • File Retention
  • File Firewall
  • Automated Tagging
  • File Drop
  • SharePoint

Open-source alternative apps offered by Nextcloud give you the same or greater functionality than ownCloud apps. All other configuration settings not mentioned in this list will be carried over from ownCloud to Nextcloud during the migration.

We’ve transformed the migration process into an easy-to-use migration tool, simplifying the move to Nextcloud and enabling users to benefit from its advanced features.

ownCloud to Nextcloud migration tool
ownCloud to Nextcloud migration tool

Below is an (earlier) example video of the process. In this video, we show ownCloud, switch to the terminal, execution of the commands to download the migrator tool, and how to initiate migration in the browser.

Migration support

Nextcloud offers an exclusive migration package tailored for ownCloud customers. This package includes complimentary migration assistance, the support of a dedicated engineer, and the opportunity to take over the remaining term of your existing ownCloud contracts. Designed specifically for enterprise customers, this package ensures a switch to Nextcloud Hub that is not only cost-effective and convenient but also minimizes disruptions for users.

The migration was like a typical ownCloud upgrade.

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hildmann
Head of Infrastructure at the TU Berlin
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Nextcloud employs over a dozen former ownCloud engineers. We are in the best position to support you in keeping your data secure and easily accessible to your employees.

Home users can get help from an active Nextcloud community on our forum, a valuable resource for guidance, tips, and peer support. For detailed information on migrating to Nextcloud Hub, including our support services and various migration packages, please reach out to us at Nextcloud.

Migrate today

ownCloud to Nextcloud migration is a strategic decision that leads to a more advanced, secure, and integrated collaborative environment, increasing employee productivity, efficiency, and overall satisfaction.

There are no downsides to migrating ownCloud to Nextcloud Hub. Many enterprises, governments, and universities upgraded from ownCloud to Nextcloud Hub (case studies).

We require a truly scalable and 100% open source enterprise solution from a reliable partner so we decided to migrate from ownCloud to Nextcloud.

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Head of NREN at DeIC
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Nextcloud is a reliable partner to many organizations around the world. Today, Nextcloud can become your reliable partner.

Tackle your challenges with a migration move from ownCloud to Nextcloud.

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