Bechtle and Nextcloud offer digitally sovereign collaboration services for the public sector

Amidst the growing threats to Europe’s sovereignty, the public sector is turning toward Nextcloud. In Germany, Bechtle and Nextcloud announce a complete managed collaboration platform that is ready for immediate deployment for federal and local authorities, without extensive preparation and a lengthy tender process. The scope of services includes setup, operation, hotline support and live system monitoring.

Bechtle and Nextcloud offer a digitally sovereign service for the public sector

Through existing framework agreements, all federal authorities, numerous state administrations and many other public institutions can obtain the digitally sovereign collaboration platform as an immediately usable SaaS service or as an on-premise service. See the full press release (in German).

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The digitally sovereign collaboration solution from Bechtle and Nextcloud can be hosted either in a German data center owned by Bechtle, the ITZ Bund or another cloud provider. The functionality can be adapted to individual needs and ranges from file synchronization and data sharing to the use of chat, video conferences, office applications, email, calendar and contacts to innovative AI functions and support for smartphones and tablets. With a high degree of flexibility and scalability from 50 to millions of users, the digitally sovereign collaboration platform is suitable for both public institutions and companies of all sizes. The open source nature of Nextcloud provides complete transparency and improves security.

Nextcloud’s solutions are already being used successfully by many customers in the public sector. The joint offer guarantees the highest standards of security and data protection based on open source technology.

Manuel Liesenfeld, Head of Public Sector Division, Bechtle AG.

Seamless migrations from existing systems to the digitally sovereign collaboration platform are possible. Nextcloud also supports the Open Collaboration Services Standard (OCS), which specialist process manufacturers can use to integrate into the service. Important certifications such as BITV for accessibility are also available.

I am pleased that there is finally a German-European solution that is easy to use and obtain, but is 100 percent digitally sovereign and based on locally operated open source software.

Frank Karlitschek, Managing Director of Nextcloud GmbH.

Authorities in France and Sweden as well as the European Commission already use Nextcloud communication and collaboration solutions. In Germany, the federal government and numerous state administrations are among the users. Bechtle and Nextcloud are already working together successfully on German administration projects, such as the federal government’s social intranet and the Bundeswehr’s information technology school.

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