Trust, Transparency, Together: Highlights from Day 1 of the Nextcloud Conference

After a full day of keynotes, talks and discussions, Day 1 of the Nextcloud Conference is complete! Thank you to everyone who made it here from near or far and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Day 2!

If you missed it or want a recap, read on!

The motto of the 2023 Nextcloud Conference is “Trust, Transparency, Together.” With the increasing demands of today’s collaboration platforms, transparency becomes an essential aspect for how these platforms handle and communicate data processes to both users and developers. Nextcloud firmly believes that trust and transparency will form the cornerstone of collaboration platforms moving forward, nurturing a reliable and secure digital environment.

Trust, transparency, together

Nextcloud Hub 6 announcement

To kick off this year’s conference, the Nextcloud team announced the brand new Nextcloud Hub 6 release! For the first time, Nextclouders introduced the Nextcloud Assistant, distraction-free features and other new tools to prioritize a healthy work culture.

Hub 6 release

Thanks to the Nextcloud team for the awesome announcement of Hub 6 and our healthy meeting and work culture along will all the new improvements in Nextcloud Files, Talk, Office, Groupware and more!

Nextcloud conference

Max Schrems Keynote: The EU-US dynamic on data privacy today

For our first keynote, Max Schrems hit the stage. As an Austrian lawyer with expertise on EU and US data privacy law, he took the audience through the intricacies of the new data privacy framework. With his experience fighting against previous data privacy laws in the European Court of Justice, the EU-US Privacy Shield and the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework, he brought valuable insight about what actually goes on behind the scenes.

Panel session Trust, Transparency, Together

Following the keynote, Max was joined on stage by Katrin Fritsch, tech & climate researcher & consultant and Daphne Muller, Manager of Ecosystems & Alliances at Nextcloud as well as a privacy researcher.

Nextcloud Marketing Manager of North America, Brent Gervais started the talk with what “Trust, Transparency, Together” meant for each panelist in their area of expertise. For instance, Katrin Fritsch aligned “transparency” with the climate crisis and how government and companies are handling the CO2 emissions produced from machines creating AI.

Nextcloud Conference panel

Lightning Talks

Today, we had 9 Lightning Talks – our special 5 minute talks – from Nextclouders, developers and contributors about a variety of topics.

High performing Nextcloud apps

For instance, Varun Patil talked about his experience building high performing Nextcloud apps like his app Memories, a community maintained photo manager for Nextcloud.

Nextcloud conference Varun

UX design process

In another lightning talk by Clementine, UX Designer at Arawa, a Nextcloud partner, she talked about the benefits of usability testing.

“UX design is important because it allows us to find the pain points and understand what users struggle with, in order to determine where issues are coming from and how to solve them.”

Clementine, UX Designer at Arawa
Nextcloud conference clementine

Thanks for a great day!

Thanks for joining us! Now, it’s time to mingle and chat with other attendees, speakers, partners and Nextcloud employees with a pizza party at our venue.

Missed today’s livestream or couldn’t be present in-person in Berlin? We’ve got you covered!

Tomorrow stay tuned for the second and final day of #NextcloudConf 💙. Check out the program to know what to expect.

Nextcloud conference panel

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