Branding and theming Nextcloud Hub

In order to provide a strong enterprise user experience, Nextcloud offers theming and branding capabilities for both servers and clients. The theming and branding can be distributed using our deployment options for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Learn how you can apply theming and branding to your Nextcloud instance in this webinar recording.

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Integrated theming

Our integrated theming app offers a quick and user-friendly method to customize your Nextcloud server’s appearance. It allows you to configure your organization’s logo, color palette, name and key URLs, including your privacy policy and imprint.

Additionally, the Nextcloud mobile apps are designed to automatically sync with your server’s theme. This means they adopt the server’s color scheme and display your customized logo and background, ensuring a consistent and branded user experience across all platforms.

  • Logo, colors, login graphics and name
  • Add custom links for privacy policy, imprint and terms of service
  • Default / example files every user gets on first login can be modified
  • Mobile apps and web interface adjust to theme settings (except app icon on mobile)

Enterprise branding

Nextcloud Hub offers branding capabilities for through its Nextcloud Enterprise subscription. These branding options provide a more corporate experience for your users. This option features clients that are tailor-made for your organization, with pre-configured server settings. This means end-users can bypass the server selection step and directly enter their login details, streamlining their access process and enhancing overall user efficiency.

Our branded clients will showcase your organization’s identity, featuring your logo and name in the app drawer, replacing the standard Nextcloud branding. This personalized approach extends beyond aesthetics, as further customizations are available to align with your specific brand ethos.

Additionally, Nextcloud facilitates an integration into your digital ecosystem by offering the apps as APK files for Android and Xcode projects for iOS. This allows for direct publishing through your organization’s developer account, ensuring a streamlined deployment process

  • Pre-configured server address for faster setup
  • Removal of links to Nextcloud community, community hosting solutions and private servers
  • Custom logo and name in app drawer
  • Custom help page and contact email
  • Optional custom Push Proxy
  • Full control over release management and app store entry
  • Support for MDM solutions for mobile (Premium)
  • MSI deployment for desktop (Premium)

Learn how you can apply theming and branding to your Nextcloud instance in this webinar recording.

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Theming versus Branding

In Nextcloud, theming and branding are distinct yet complementary features that enhance user experience and your corporate identity. While often used interchangeably, they serve unique functions.


Nextcloud Hub’s built-in theming app is the recommended approach for customizing the look and feel of your server’s interface. This app ensures compatibility with Web User Interface changes and allows for easy customizations. You can adjust visual elements like the logo, color scheme, organization’s name, and essential URLs such as privacy policies and imprints. The Web User Interface also allows tailoring the color and logos in various emails sent by Nextcloud (e.g., share information, activities, welcome emails).

Theming is all about giving a personalized touch to your Nextcloud server, aligning it visually with your organization’s aesthetic and ensuring a cohesive brand experience across all user touchpoints.


Going a step further, Nextcloud’s branding capabilities offer a deeper level of customization. Branding involves incorporating custom visual assets like logos and icons into the client interface, creating a custom help page, and implementing pre-configured settings for seamless integration within your organization. This ensures that when users access Nextcloud, they are immediately met with an interface that reflects your organization’s identity, bypassing the need to select a server and entering login credentials directly.

Branded clients replace the standard Nextcloud logo and name in the app drawer with your organization’s branding, offering a more tailored experience.

Overall, branding in Nextcloud extends beyond the visual appeal, providing an experience that feels like an integral part of your organization. It supports a wide range of platforms including Android, iOS and desktop environments like Linux, Mac and Windows.

Available as part of our Standard and Premium subscriptions, branding elevates the user experience to a level where Nextcloud Hub not only functions but also feels like an extension of your organization’s corporate style.

Deployment and device management

Nextcloud simplifies the deployment process for desktop and mobile platforms, offering robust solutions tailored to organizational needs.

For desktops, we utilize the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI), providing branded desktop client packages that facilitate deployment across large-scale environments.

Nextcloud extends its capabilities to mobile platforms through comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) support. This enables management and deployment of mobile applications.

All these deployment technologies are available through our subscription plans. This ensures that organizations of all sizes have access to the tools they need for efficient deployment and management of Nextcloud branding services.

Overview of Nextcloud branding features


Web user interface

Learn how you can apply theming and branding to your Nextcloud instance in this webinar recording.

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