Branding and theming Nextcloud Hub

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December 7, 2023


Fabrice Mous

Discover how to tailor the styling and visual identity of your Nextcloud Hub, aligning it with your personal taste or your organization’s brand. Learn how to personalize your Nextcloud experience with in this webinar recording, where we will detail advanced theming and branding techniques.

This webinar recording is ideal for those eager to transform their Nextcloud into a distinctly styled and branded platform.

Learn advanced customization techniques for Nextcloud Hub

Watch this webinar recording where we will explore the various options for theming and branding your Nextcloud Hub and its mobile clients.

  • The distinction between theming and branding in Nextcloud.
  • Step-by-step guidance on applying custom theming to Nextcloud Hub.
  • An overview of branding possibilities for Nextcloud Hub and mobile clients.
  • Insights into enterprise-grade theming and branding strategies.
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Your speaker

Tobias Kaminsky
Client Lead at Nextcloud

Tobias is team lead of Clients team at Nextcloud, responsible for Android, iOS and Desktop clients.

As part of this, he also manages and coordinates branding, with all its aspects, from customer handling to new features.

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