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Research institutes

Confidentiality and data protection in research institutes

Research institutes produce some of the world’s most valuable data, so how can we ensure it's secure and protected?

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How to protect yourself against deepfakes

How to protect yourself against deepfake scams in video calls

Read out guide to learn what deepfake scams are, how spot a scammer, and how to protect yourself with the right techniques and software.

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Educating Bild: password-protected sharing

The German tabloid Bild featured an article covering the press release published by the German Ministry of Defence about the recent leaks of WebEX calls between army generals. The Bild noted that the password the Ministry of Defence used for the shared Nextcloud link was...

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Data Privacy Week: Who owns your data? — Nextcloud

Data Privacy Week: Who owns your data?

With Data Privacy Week in full swing, we're excited to be part of the conversation — and part of the solution — in regaining and maintaining privacy of your personal and corporate data.

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