Nextcloud Teams: essential hacks for better team sharing and management

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Nextcloud Teams (fka Nextcloud Circles) is a team management app in the Nextcloud Hub ecosystem that, together with a new name, also received a host of new features.

The purpose of Nextcloud Teams app is to streamline team activities within your cloud by setting up group sharing features for various apps like Nextcloud Files, Nextcloud Talk, Nextcloud Deck, and Nextcloud Collectives — all from a single place.

What makes it different from casual group sharing? Nextcloud Teams is perfect for smaller, temporary projects and can combine users from different groups into any number of teams. Teams can also be created by any user, making work much more flexible and saving the precious time of your admins.

Read on as we explore this hidden gem of Nextcloud Hub that can amplify your team’s productivity and enhance core sharing capabilities.

Manage teams like a pro

Any user can create a Team to share files, Deck items, Collectives and other Nextcloud Hub items. Accessible through Contacts app, Nextcloud Teams adds versatility to user management: you can invite not only the users of your Nextcloud, but also federated users from your network, contacts from your address book, and even the external people by email.

Nextcloud Teams team settings

When creating a Team, you can set the following rules in settings:

  • Invitation policy: Define who can request membership and invite others to the team, whether new members need to accept the invitations, and if the Moderator confirmation is needed to accept new members.
  • Visibility: Make the Team publicly visible or private.
  • Membership policy: Decide if members can participate in other teams.
  • Password protection for shared files: Set up a password protection policy for teams working with sensitive data by making password protection mandatory, and even set your own unique password for all the shared files.

In Nextcloud Teams, you can set a fine-grained control adding an extra layer to rights management. Within a Team, users can be simple Members, Moderators, Admins or Owners (only one per team):


Member has the most basic permissions. They can only access the resources shared with the team and view the team members.


Moderator can also invite, confirm invitations and manage the team members.


In addition to Moderator permissions, an Admin can configure Team settings.


Owner is the highest user rank that, in addition to all other levels of permissions, can also transfer the circle ownership to another member of the circle.

Once a Team, always a Team!

Nextcloud Teams app works with the entire Nextcloud Hub. You can search teams available to you with a Unified Search feature and get updates on team activity through the activity app. What’s more, you can add a Nextcloud Teams widget to your Dashboard for quick access to all your teams when you start your day.

Set up team sharing across apps

Starting a new project, or maybe an internal group of friends? Set up up your Team and work together in other Nextcloud Hub apps — feels as natural as normal group sharing! To share an item in any Nextcloud Hub app with a Team, just search the Team name in the Sharing menu and create the share.

What items can be shared among your Team:

  • Documents, folders and media in the Nextcloud Files app
  • Collectives pages
  • Talk rooms
  • Deck boards and cards
  • Coming soon: Calendar items
Nextcloud Teams Deck sharing

Browse Teams and resources from one place

With Nextcloud Hub 8 release, we reworked the app, adding a few new features. This includes the redesign of the Team overview in the Contacts app for easier access to team data. Besides, you can now browse all resources from Nextcloud Hub apps shared between team members for quick access to project files, Deck, related Collectives pages, and more.

Nextcloud Teams team overview

Boost team management and sharing with Nextcloud Hub 8!

Interactive widgets are only one of the exiting new features in Nextcloud Hub 8. From new AI tools in Nextcloud Assistant to new apps and serious performance improvements throughout the platform, there are many reasons to upgrade to the latest Nextcloud Hub.

New to Nextcloud? There’s no better time to try it out! Get control over your data today with the most secure open-source collaboration platform.

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