Univention releases UCS 4.2

Two months ago, we announced our partnership with Univention; we provide their users with an easy to install and maintain Nextcloud app for their Univention Corporate Servers. Today, Univention announces the release of 4.2 Univention Corporate Server which is supported by our Nextcloud 11.0.2 app you can download here. Let’s have a look at what is new in UCS 4.2!

Main features

Customizable Portal

  • allows end users to quickly access available applications via self-service
  • highly configurable

Docker-based apps

  • migration of existing apps to containers based on Docker
  • more than 80 Docker-based business apps available (Nextcloud is one of them)
  • app developers can either provide applications as a single Docker image or as Debian packages

Update to Samba 4.6

  • improves the performance of LDAP/Active Directory
  • improves the exchange of printer drivers with Windows 10 clients.

Nextcloud supports Samba shares as external storage and LDAP integration so this should help our users get a faster, nicer user experience!

Change of Debian Base to Debian 8 aka “Jessie”

  • faster security updates
  • higher performance levels through Linux Kernel 4.9 with Long Term Support (LTS).

The move to Debian 8 means users can benefit from secure, updated software for a long time. For customers that need it, a Nextcloud Support Subscription complements this with Long Term Support for Nextcloud.

If you have questions, you can find more information on the UCS forums! Download the Nextcloud app for UCS 4.2 in the app store. If you’re interested in support, contact our sales team.

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