Nextcloud Conference 2023 keynote speaker: Katrin Fritsch

The fantastic keynote Katrin gave at the Nextcloud Conference 2023 – watch it now!

Introducing Katrin Fritsch, tech and climate researcher and consultant, who will be giving a keynote at this year’s conference!

Katrin is a researcher, writer and consultant on technology, climate, and feminism. She advises organizations on data, justice, and emerging technologies. Katrin is also a Senior Program Manager at the Green Web Foundation and the chair of Green Web Foundation is working towards a fossil-free internet by 2030 and is maintaining the world’s largest open dataset of websites that run on green energy. They offer open source tools to manage the environmental impact of digital services. And support movement leaders and policymakers to effectively frame the conversation and advocate for a sustainable and just internet.

Previously, Katrin co-founded and co-led MOTIF, a think tank working towards social justice in the digital age. Furthermore, she is a co-initiator of Feminist Futures, holds an MSc in Data & Society and was nominated on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list.

At the Nextcould Conference, Katrin will talk about digital sustainability — and why it matters to create a just and green internet for all.  

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