Nextcloud and Collabora get 100K app downloads, showing growth of self-hosted online office and private cloud

In a press release today, Nextcloud GmbH and Collabora Productivity announce that in the first 12 months since Nextcloud and Collabora released the Collabora Online Developer Edition Docker image the Nextcloud app integrating Collabora Online was downloaded over 100.000 times!

Your bullets, your way!

100K downloads in one year is an impressive milestone, considering some of those servers host thousands or tens of thousands of users. Nextcloud customers using Collabora Online can be found all over the world, from RegioIT in Germany to the North-West University in South Africa, and Michael Meeks, General Manager at Collabora Productivity had this to say:

This impressive number of installations over the last year shows the strong interest in both Nextcloud and collaborative editing among private cloud users. Nextcloud‘s strong focus on ease of use combined with a wealth of rich business functionality makes them a vital partner

The recent release of Collabora Online 3.0, which brings full-featured editing dialogs, was a major step for Collabora and it will soon show up in a version stabilized for Nextcloud & Collabora Online customers. Of course, home users can already try it out – find update instructions on our website.

For businesses, Collabora Online and Nextcloud make a great team. Andreas Rode, head of sales at Nextcloud, shared his thoughts:

Self hosted cloud solutions allow customers to reap the benefits of online collaboration while remaining in control over their data. Collabora Online is an excellent choice for enterprises wanting a powerful office suite for confidential documents on-premise or for Hosting and Cloud businesses who wish to include online Office Suite functionality into their service offering.

Nextcloud uptake has been particularly strong among the security-sensitive sector of the wider Enterprise File Sync and Share Market, like businesses in finance, insurance, government and healthcare. Unique capabilities like the End-to-end Encryption in Nextcloud 13 as well as secure communication allow companies to ease GDPR compliance and dramatically improve data security in a world with growing legal and hacking threats.

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