Introducing a Full Self-hosted Audio/video and Chat Communication Platform: Nextcloud Talk

We’re very proud to announce today Nextcloud Talk, the first enterprise-ready, self-hosted communication technology giving users the highest degree of control over their data and communication. Nextcloud Talk is a fully open source video meeting software, on-premise hosted and end-to-end encrypted. It features a text chat and is available for web and mobile. In related news, Nextcloud has become the vendor with the greatest momentum in the self-hosted Enterprise File Sync and Share market and increased its customer base by 7 times in 2017. And over 500 individuals contributed more than 6.6 million lines of code to Nextcloud last year!

Get talking now!

Nextcloud Talk makes it easier than ever to host a privacy-respecting audio/video communication service for home users and enterprises. Business users have optional access to the Spreed High Performance Back-end offering enterprise-class scalability, reliability, and features through a Nextcloud subscription.
With the easy-to-use interface, users can engage colleagues, friends, partners or customers, working in real time through High Definition (H265 based) audio and video in web meetings and webinars. Main features of Nextcloud Talk include:

  • Communication without barriers – the mobile apps for Android and iOS as well as browser support allow private and public calls, and does not require conversation partners to have an account or install any software to join a call.
  • Integrated into business workflow – participants can receive calendar invitations and reminders.
  • Easy collaboration – the Screen Sharing feature allows participants to present content while links and notes can be shared in the side chat bar.
  • Full control – the moderator can invite, mute and remove participants as needed.
  • 100% secure and private – calls are peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted. Chat is exchanged encrypted with logs stored on the Nextcloud Talk server.
  • integration – powerful integration with Nextcloud Files and Nextcloud Groupware enables seamless collaboration.

Mobile Apps: Start and receive calls!

With the mobile Talk apps, users can now receive push notifications when others call them, and pick up easily. Self-hosting the infrastructure ensures the absolute confidentiality of communication, as even metadata does not leak to anyone else.

The Spreed High-Performance Back-end for large organizations is offered by Nextcloud partner Struktur AG, a leading web conferencing software company since 1995, servicing customers like Deutsche Bank, Vodafone, BNP Paribas and many others. It offers improved connectivity behind firewalls, restrictive networks, and unlimited participants in a call. A SIP gate allows participants to join through a dial-in conference line, wherever they are.

Nextcloud Talk is completely open source and is available for home users on the Nextcloud App store for a one-click install. The mobile apps for Android and iOS are in the respective application stores. Nextcloud Talk requires Nextcloud 13, which is currently in Beta and can be downloaded from our website (bottom right of the page).

Of course, Nextcloud Talk !


For those of you familiar with our development work on audio/video calls, the major new features, bringing one and a half year of work to a 1.0, are a built-in chat, moderation capabilities, mobile applications and support for a High-Performance back-end which allows calls with hundreds or even thousands of participants as well as dial-in over a phone line. Frank Karlitschek has blogged about the vision and work behind Nextcloud Talk.

Together with this release, we released news on the progress of the Nextcloud Community and Nextcloud GmbH over the last year. On top of the good news that our iOS client hit 300.000 downloads with a 4.7-star rating and our Collabora Online app was downloaded over 100.000 times in 2017, we are excited to share that Nextcloud GmbH has grown 7-fold in 2017, fueled by its unique technology. With already over 100 customers and partners active in Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia, and Australia, Nextcloud continues to be a healthy and fast-growing company.

Nextcloud is now the hottest self-hosted Enterprise File Sync and Share technology according to Google Trends! Our community created over 100 apps, and over 500 individuals contributed over 6.6 million lines of code in a 12 month period.

Learn more in our blog about Nextcloud growth.

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