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Nextclout community survey 2023

As the 2023 is coming to an end, we decided to run a Nextcloud Community Survey to better understand your experience, satisfaction, wishes, and your very role in the Nextcloud community.

Your unique perspective is what helps us draw a big picture and understand how we can make everyone’s experience even better. But it’s not only about Nextcloud products — the survey is also a way to monitor community health and provide a reliable feedback channel to our contributors.

We estimate the survey to take 7-15 minutes depending on your role and experience. We used Nextcloud Forms, a private and easy-to-use tool developed by Nextcloud.

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Keeping surveys private with Nextcloud Forms

To run our surveys, we use our own tool called Nextcloud Forms. It is a simple yet capable app that doesn’t imply any limitations on survey or question count. Hosted locally, it gives you full control over your data and keeps even the most cautious respondents confident.

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