Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version

Last month, we announced the 2.0 version of our Outlook Add-in including branding options, high DPI support and guidance for first-time users as major features. Right now, our Add-in is only available to enterprise users. We realize this leaves out home users and small enterprises. Nextcloud strives to provide private cloud solution for everyone so, in that light, we worked with our partner to provide a free version of the add-in for home. Note that the free version is only meant for home users and small organizations. It is now available for testing!

This free version introduces some new features. The enterprise edition to be released soon will have all these features and many more:

  • You can now pause an upload
  • The design has been improved to be closer to the Nextcloud design
  • You can use a centralized configuration parameter for Nextcloud Server URL.

Core capabilities on the menu

The Add-in features the core capabilities: sharing from your Nextcloud instance instead of sending insecure large attachments. Small companies and organizations can now download it and test it from here. Let us know how it worked for you! And for open source enthusiasts, the free and Open Source Thunderbird add-in allows the same!

Free/Premium Outlook Add-In features comparison

Free versionEnterprise version
Upload large files on your Nextcloud server
Pausing an upload
Automatically upload an attachment on your Nextcloud
Shared link custom password
Expiration date
Custom look for shared links via HTML

You can ask questions and discuss the client in the new Mail client integration category on our forums!

Notable Replies

  1. Awesome that you made it available for everybody. I already installed this Add-in and tried it: unfortunately it always says
    "Please check URL, username and password."

    Where can we get support for this Add-in, should we ask in this forum or is there some place on github (to create and track issues)?

  2. Yes, thanks for making the add-in public!

    I also installed the add-in with Outlook 2010 and I can see now two icons in the menu bar when composing new e-mail (Upload for files and public sharing of folders).


    1. no content inside the e-mail, like a link, an explanation text or something else is create
    2. An upload-folder “outlook” is created inside nextcloud, but no content is shown, but the add-in said before, that the file was uploaded

    So I think some further testing will be helpful :wink:


  3. I am the author of the add-in, and ready to help you out :slight_smile:

    @Schmu can you send me a PM with information like if you use a proxy, 2 factor authentication or possibly LDAP?

    @linucksrox Typo will be fixed in the next release, thank you :slight_smile: We’re not interested in going after private information, the add-in only contacts your Nextcloud server, at no point it contacts anything else.

    @blu-IT Can you send me a PM with: if you’re using 32 or 64 bits Office / Windows and perhaps tell me if you use certain share policies on the server (password, expiration date and so).


  4. Thanks, I was just thinking about that although I don’t suspect any malicious behavior. Just something to keep in mind for the paranoid, not having the ability to audit the code. :slight_smile: I appreciate you making this free version!

    I think this will be super handy, and I’m evaluating it to see if we can use it at my work (about 40 people).

  5. Lovely! Thanks for that.

  6. I just want to throw this out there: I had no problems in my brief testing yesterday. We are running NC 11.0.3, using LDAP against AD, and my test machine was Windows 8.1 64 bit, running Outlook 2016 32 bit, running the 32 bit version of the addin. No problems on my end using an AD account for testing.

  7. Very similar environment here. I’m running Windows 10 64 bit with Outlook 2016 32 bit and so far in my testing it works perfectly.

  8. Cool, most of my Outlooks are 32 bit. But I have a few friends who use 64.
    I used the plugin today! It’s very useful.

  9. Here’s a updated version of the add-in, I also compiled the 64 bits version now.

    @User_loris do the other windows, like file uploading work and such? In the free edition the advanced options aren’t that necessary, you can only change the language and enable the debug mode.

    When you upload a file or so it should be automatically inserted in your e-mail.

  10. Hi All

    Installed today… Excellent… No issues.

    Thanks for fixing the spelling ‘Therefore’

    Great work


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