Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version

Last month, we announced the 2.0 version of our Outlook Add-in including branding options, high DPI support and guidance for first-time users as major features. Right now, our Add-in is only available to enterprise users. We realize this leaves out home users and small enterprises. Nextcloud strives to provide private cloud solution for everyone so, in that light, we worked with our partner to provide a free version of the add-in for home. Note that the free version is only meant for home users and small organizations. It is now available for testing!

Get the free Outlook Add-in

This free version introduces some new features. The enterprise edition to be released soon will have all these features and many more:

  • You can now pause an upload
  • The design has been improved to be closer to the Nextcloud design
  • You can use a centralized configuration parameter for Nextcloud Server URL.

Core capabilities on the menu

The Add-in features the core capabilities: sharing from your Nextcloud instance instead of sending insecure large attachments. Small companies and organizations can now download it and test it from here. Let us know how it worked for you! And for open source enthusiasts, the free and Open Source Thunderbird add-in allows the same!

Free/Premium Outlook Add-In features comparison

Free version Enterprise version
Upload large files on your Nextcloud server
Pausing an upload
Automatically upload an attachment on your Nextcloud
Shared link custom password
Expiration date
Custom look for shared links via HTML

You can ask questions and discuss the client in the new Mail client integration category on our forums!