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Data Privacy Week: Who owns your data? — Nextcloud

Data Privacy Week: Who owns your data?

With Data Privacy Week in full swing, we're excited to be part of the conversation — and part of the solution — in regaining and maintaining privacy of your personal and corporate data.

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Statement: Nextcloud stands for an open and free society

At a time when people are questioning democracy, we want to publicly state our support for democratic values, diversity, openness, and fairness.

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Nextclout community survey 2023

Take part in the Nextcloud Community Survey!

As the year is coming to an end, we welcome you to participate in Nextcloud Community survey 2023 to share your satisfaction, wishes, and your unique experience in the Nextcloud community. We estimate the survey to take 7-15 minutes depending on your role and experience.

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Dropbox handing data to OpenAI: the risks of AI in practice

Dropbox has recently ‘dropped’ a new enabled-by-default feature that has users worried about their data privacy. As almost every company in tech these days, Dropbox is latching onto the new capabilities of AI – specifically OpenAI – with a questionable approach to user privacy. Last...

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Release channels

Nextcloud release channels and how to track them

Discover Nextcloud's release channels, how to track them and more to choose the best versioning strategy that fits your needs.

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Nextcloud Hub 7 : recherche avancée et fonctions globales d’absence du bureau

Nextcloud fonctionne comme une plateforme unique, regroupant en les synchronisant toutes les applications au même endroit. Aujourd'hui, nous présentons notre plateforme la plus aboutie à ce jour - Nextcloud Hub 7.

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Keep your data in your school: Use Nextcloud locally in educational settings

Nextcloud is a secure solution for schools, universities and research institutions. Learn more about the features and benefits!

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Serbian government

The Republic of Serbia deploys Nextcloud for compliant, on-premises collaboration

Discover how the Republic of Serbia deployed Nextcloud for its 250 National Assembly deputies for secure and compliant collaboration.

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polls app

The Nextcloud Polls app: Meet the developers!

Meet the developers of the Nextcloud Polls app! In this special edition blog, we've interviewed the creators behind it: Vinzenz and René.

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