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Nextcloud June events 2023

Meet Nextcloud at Events in June!

At Nextcloud, we are dedicated to sharing our mission, values and products with you. That’s why this year, we’re headed to the biggest IT, digital technology and open source events all over Europe! If you have the opportunity to attend an event, you’ll: We hope to see you this month at the following events! ESUP […]

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Nextcloud events May 2023

Nextcloud Events in May: Join us across Europe!

EsLibre Conference The EsLibre conference is a free software conference centered around libre technologies and open source projects. This year, Nextcloud will give a talk and workshop: „nc-env: a tool to mount Nextcloud environments on your computer!“ Senior Sales Engineer, Pietro Marini will lead the workshop from 12-2pm, and there are only 15 spots available, […]

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Nextcloud Enterprise Day Speakers: Why Samaritan’s Purse deploys Nextcloud

Nextcloud Enterprise Day is soon here and we have a growing list of speakers providing insightful talks! One of our speakers is Nextcloud customer Samaritan’s Purse – a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization based in North Carolina, U.S.A. In preparation for their talk at Nextcloud Enterprise Day on June 13th, we asked them a few questions! […]

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Nextcloud notes: secure note-taking, integrated

Nextcloud Notes: secure and integrated note-taking

What started as a community app is now a core part of Nextcloud – introducing Nextcloud Notes! Do you ever… ➡️ Need a quick way to take notes? ➡️ Suddenly think of a brilliant idea? ➡️ Want to brainstorm or plan? Nextcloud Notes is a convenient, open source and secure note-taking app for all your […]

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World Press Freedom Day

Press Freedom Day: let’s keep the web free!

May 3rd is World Press Freedom Day to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and to remind governments to respect and uphold these freedoms. Governments, and the powerful in general, need to be held accountable. That won’t happen without transparency. And journalists are essential as they have time and resources to […]

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insiders award 2023 nextcloud

Nextcloud nominated for CloudComputing-Insider Award 2023: Vote now!

Nextcloud nominated for CloudComputing-Insider Award 2023! We appreciate your support and let’s make it together again to win first place!

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Document templates contribute

Get your work featured in Nextcloud!

“When we have welcoming communities of contributors, open source software gets better and more useful to everyone.” Limor Fried, Electrical Engineer, Inventor and Founder of open-source hardware company Adafruit We believe in this ideal and love to work with our community. We are always looking to involve more people in Nextcloud, bringing in their ideas, […]

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Join our Beta Program for the Nextcloud Exchange Connector

Nextcloud users know the importance of integrating different systems and tools to create a seamless workflow. Nextcloud Enterprise allows you to integrate with Microsoft environments for file storage, user directory, Outlook, Sharepoint, Windows Desktop, MS Office online server, and Teams. And now, we are excited to announce a new addition to our lineup: the Nextcloud […]

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Nextcloud Hub 4

Hub 4 pioneers ethical AI integration for a more productive and collaborative future

6 years ago, Nextcloud was just a file-sync-and-share solution similar to Dropbox. Today, we are a Content Collaboration Platform giving you a complete online productivity platform with integrated features from Talk, Office, Groupware and hundreds of apps. Every day, you choose us to be your Content Collaboration Platform, and every year we provide you with […]

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