Podcast No. 9 – Interview with Marco Nöchel and Thorsten Krüger from HKN

In this 9th-episode, our host Ingo talked with Marco Nöchel, the CEO, and engineer Thorsten Krüger from HKN GmbH, which is the biggest multi-region German Openstack Cloud, and Nextcloud Gold partner.

HKN begun deploying Nextcloud for its customers almost immediately after Nextcloud started in 2016, convinced by its strong technological leadership and fast development, and soon became a strong partner.

HKN offers the perfect solution for customers who need a German-hosted, GDPR compliant, custom, and well-managed solution which scales any which way is needed.

Find the feed on our podcast page and listen to the full interview! If you have not heard the previous episodes, check them there as well.

So tune in!

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