Nextcloud Podcast: All about the NextcloudPi Project

In this episode, our host Marius sits down with Tobias Knöppler and James Sundquist from the NextcloudPi project to dive deeper into the world of NextcloudPi. NextcloudPi is a community-driven project that brings Nextcloud to single board computers like Raspberry Pi and other boards. They discuss the ins and outs of the project, its impact on the Nextcloud community and more!

After listening to this podcast, you will know:

  • The background of how NextcloudPi started
  • Pros and cons of Raspberry Pi compared to other SBCs
  • What is under development at NextcloudPi right now
  • Vision for NextcloudPi in the future

An update from NextcloudPi

Our friends at NextcloudPi also have an announcement! The NextcloudPi team will support all minor versions of Nextcloud 25 until its End of Life (EOL) in November 2023, including its Docker version. However, NextcloudPi 8 plans to temporarily discontinue its Docker version to improve and further develop NCP. They recommend switching to an NCP LXD or LXC container or a VM, or migrating to Nextcloud All-In-One. The team plans to make more use of Docker internally in NCP, replacing most of the components with Docker containers to provide more features and ease of use. The new NCP architecture could be used similarly to the current Docker container.

What is NextcloudPi?

NextcloudPi is a Nextcloud instance that is preinstalled, preconfigured and includes a management interface with all the tools you need to self host your private data in a single package.

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