Nextcloud space provided by Netways Web Services

Customers looking for a reliable German provider can now rent ready-to-use Nextcloud instances from Netways GmbH. Their focus on providing the benefits of transparency, reliability, security and protection against vendor lock in of Open Source to their customers was a major reason for Netways to decide on providing Nextcloud as their Netways Web Services offering for cloud servers.

Sebastian Saemann notes:

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and services, therefore Nextcloud is our choice. We do think that all features of Nextcloud are an added value and will enhance our customers’ productivity.

Nextcloud customers at Netways can count on the following capabilities guaranteeing a quality offering:

  • replication and distribution of data for maximum protection against data loss without customers having to set up their own backup strategies
  • all plans offer a high number of users with no extra charge
  • certified data centers as well as SSL encryption to ensure that all data is kept in absolute privacy
  • easy access to data via client or web interface with no dependencies on location or devices
  • support for external storage allows for even more flexibility and use of legacy data without the need for migration
  • granular and customizable pricing models provided by the Netways Web Services.

You can find more about their offering here.

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