Nextcloud Providers

Nextcloud providers

Nextcloud is a private cloud solution you can host wherever you want. On your own hardware, a device you bought or at a provider!

We have over 50 different providers who offer anything from a Virtual Machine with Nextcloud you have to manage yourself to a fully handled Nextcloud account where you just have to log in, maintained by your provider. Some providers offer (limited) free tiers, some focus on home users and others on business; some aim for low prices while others offer extensive backups, downtime prevention and great support. Pick what you need!

Please note that we have no formal relationship with any of these providers and take no responsibility for their services or quality. If you want to be sure to get quality service with the backing of Nextcloud engineers, get in contact with us or one of our partners.

You can leave comments on your experiences with the providers or ask questions in our hosting category on the forums. Feedback is VERY much welcomed as it helps others to choose their ideal provider!

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