Nextcloud online Contributor week – join us!

You probably know we organize a get-together for our community about 5-6 times a year. And recently we announced our yearly Nextcloud Conference, that will happen on October 3-4! After the weekend of various sessions, we’ll spend another week of coding together, enjoying fun evenings, and working on making Nextcloud even more awesome for all of us!

Join us already SOONER for our next online Contributor week that is scheduled for August 17-21!

How’s that going to work?

That is a good question! The social part of the contributor week is very hard to duplicate remotely. But we need those sync moments together! 💙

So we will plan a series of online meetings for next week, which we will do using open Talk rooms. Those will be open and scheduled below (updates coming the next days)! As our contributor week is open, so will be these meetings!

Join the meetings here!

Check the calendar view below with the meetings we have!

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