Nextcloud is partnering up with TAS France!

Meet TAS France

TAS France is a company based in SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS. It is a subsidiary of the European IT group TAS Group and the newest Nextcloud Partner in France.

TAS France offers hosting, cloud computing and outsourcing solutions mainly for SMEs and ETIs from its Datacenters in France and Italy.

TAS France’s main data center is in Sophia Antipolis. This IT hosting site is at the latest technological level in terms of data protection. It allows companies to securely outsource their IT, servers, network equipment, and access to secure and local cloud services.

In 1997, our first datacenter in France was a small room of 50 m2, in shared premises in Sophia-Antipolis. Today we have a brand new datacenter level Tier IV, of 850m² in the heart of Sophia-Antipolis with a PUE of 1.3 (Power Usage Effectiveness)

TAS Group’s core business is not building data centers, but it is offering integrated solutions and services for digital transition. For TAS Group, a Datacenter is not an end in itself, it is a means to support this digital transition.

Main certifications of the Datacenter:

A unique level of certification for the French Riviera in terms of quality of service and data protection:

  • ISO 9001 : For the design and provision of hosting services

  • ISO 27001 : For the design, provision and management of hosting services, personal and health data processing

  • HDS : For Health Data Host for its building, its infrastructure, its platform and its outsourcing services (6 areas)

  • PCI DSS : For the protection of payment card data

Why choose TAS France?

  • Global, 24/7 dedicated support team

  • Over 20 years of proven experience and success in hosting and outsourcing

  • A PUE of 1.3 (one of the best energy efficiency ratios possible in our geographic and climate environment)

  • Medium-sized European IT group with a strong culture of data security and availability

  • Negotiated and customized contracts, fixed and known prices in advance with no hidden costs

  • A particular attention to customer relationship and level of commitment of employees

  • An internal team of employees avoiding the use of outsourcing to manage systems

  • Provides Customer Support in French, English and Italian

Our positioning is the opposite of that of GAFAM and BATX, which have made the valuation of data their business model. We are not interested in the content of the data. We are just obsessed with its protection and availability. Our business model is transparent, traditional, our services are valued and offered at their cost price, with no transversal policies aiming to hide the cost behind the exploitation of the data.

Core Values of TAS France:

  • Fairness

In a Cloud market that is not yet mature enough for offers to be based on benchmarks that make them easily comparable, TAS France strives to treat all customers fairly, without discrimination of volume or sector of activity, in a fair balance of respective commitments.

  • Transparency

Services are provided without subcontracting, without dilution of responsibilities, there is no pretext for TAS France to pass on a malfunction to a third party and try to hide a failure.

  • Franchise

TAS France privileges efficient business relationships, based on mutual respect and high standards. To build a long-term collaboration, they always prefer direct exchanges to time-consuming detours.

  • Commitment

Commitment is the main character trait required when hiring employees and throughout their life in the company to grow. It is constantly observed through their level of appropriation of a customer problem. Solving an incident is more than an objective for them, it is a mission.

TAS France offers their services to 250 customers from diverse fields and sizes, mainly focused in the south of France.

The characteristics that made Nextcloud a good solution for us and our customers are first of all the fact that it is a recognized solution in the market, and especially the impressive amount of features and plug-ins that can be added.

TAS France chooses Nextcloud as they believe it provides a high level of protection and control of information and communications in the enterprise field, so users can keep all their data on their internal servers.

Contact TAS France if it looks like what your business needs!

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