Nextcloud introduces public link editing with Collabora Online

collabora-public-link-editingLast week Nextcloud 11 was released with a number of improvements to Collabora Online integration, notably a significant performance improvement and collaborative editing over a public link.


As part of the significant scalability and performance improvements in Nextcloud 11, changes were made to reduce the time it takes to open documents. With this release, small documents open almost instantaneously, delivering a much nicer and snappier experience to users.

More capable

Until now, usage of Collabora Online, was restricted to users with a Nextcloud server account. Nextcloud 11 introduces viewing and editing of documents on a Nextcloud server by anonymous users.

Nextcloud users can create a public link to a document and recipients will be able to view the file and even see edits happening in real time! When a Nextcloud user shares a public link to a folder and enables editing the files in it, the documents in the folder can be edited by the anyone who has been given the public link!

Watch this video to see how it works:

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